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  • Alright, but as this is a serious thread that I really need an answer to, I'd appreciate the derailment kept to a minimum.
  • Crazy Joe wrote: That is what we already have. I was just wondering if there was an easy way to make a page like the link that I posted so it could be a bit easier to search for specific books, authors, etc. For example if they read one book by…
  • GHoosdum wrote: My goal in a netbook isn't just 1080p playback, but also the ability to run some light gaming. For only a few dollars more than the price of the well-equipped HP Mini 311, I've had my eye on the nice Asus Eee PC 1201N. In addition …
  • I'd probably find that thread funnier if I didn't have to deal with that level of retardedness at work every day. When you tell someone to go do "domain.com" they immediately assume you mean "Type it into Google and click the first sponsored link" A…
  • Just curious about this bit: Two turkey Sandwiches = 282 Calories (Including mayo, mustard, cheese etc) Now medium sliced bread is roughly 80 calories per slice which would mean 2 sandwiches = 4 slices = 320 calories from just the bread a…
  • Not all Acer hardware is crap (although I did believe the same until I bought this). I needed to replace my existing LCD (going back about a year or two) and saw this Acer X222W on offer for £90, now considering it's a 22" screen (1680x1050) I thou…
  • I was looking forward to UMPC styled devices but recently cancelled my Pandora order as it just feels too... risky and not likely to turn out how I hoped, especially as it costs pretty much £280 here, just doesn't seem worth that cost anymore. I…
  • Thrax wrote: A reformat wipes the mbr. Actually a format only wipes the partition you're formatting, it wont wipe the partition table which is what was the issue before. I had to use dd to wipe the first few raw MB of the drive before XP se…
  • markjohanson wrote: Well when I installed linux again, i removed all the ntfs partitions(windows) including all drives. I even installed the linux into whole of the harddisk (160gb) and tried installing windows xp again. Still the black screen sho…
  • I found out why this happens, it's when a drive in your machine has a MBR that Windows doesn't like. If you are installing Windows on its own drive then disconnect other drives first, if it still happens then it's the drive you're trying to install …
  • I work for a company that would give you exactly the same response, why? Because it IS a coding issue. All you need to do is put some sort of human element response into it and the problem will go away. One example would be captcha, another would be…
  • Damn, tried iTunes 7 and it still didn't work
  • Yeah, user is the only user on the machine, me, and I do everything else with this account. I thought it may be something to do with iTunes 7>8 (laptop is still on 7 I think) but wasn't certain. Any ideas where to get the latest version of 7?
  • The D40 and 300D are both below what I was looking at, I've narrowed it down to the Canon EOS 400D or the Olympus E-510. The Canon sounds like the better camera but comes with a bad lens, so I could buy the "body" model but then finding the right le…
  • *pokes* and UK!
  • Use a Ethernet >> Wireless bridge, that's what I've done. Not only does the bridge only cost £28 (compared to the XBox's £60 wireless) it has a much stronger signal, works with any device and you can connect 4 things at once to it. http://w…
  • I wonder how many people are going to have this arrive when it's released without realising, only to think "... ****! I must have pre-ordered this 8 years ago and forgot..."
  • Thelemech wrote: I doubt it! ......but I have no idea what I'm talking about ... I do not work there Erm... ok then... Does anyone actually know? I'm dying to buy Worms and a few others but not keen to when I know I'm paying over the od…
  • The question still stands though, can I use a US bought point card on a UK account?
  • Thrax wrote: $1 = €1. Technology companies can't be wrong. UK doesn't use Euros. $1.00 = €0.69 = £0.48 so basically it's even worse than it looks to anyone outside (if they go by the same line of thought).
  • That seems less like emo and more like very, very camp
  • Guessing that's not something you can just throw in the washing machine... not if you want it to work again anyway
  • Only scanned the eBay page and read what a few people said on the first page of this thread, guess I came to the completely wrong conclusion... whoops =/
  • Leonardo wrote: Exactly. I thought the US Government was nutty - the EU government tech watchdog bureaucrats are worse, I think. If it weren't for the evil, bundled Internet Explorer, my parents probably would have NEVER made it on to the Intern…
  • Probably. The father seems like an ass and it looks like it's going to be one of those families that rather than ever sorting anything out instead just takes continual pot shots (no pun intended) at each other and further breaks apart until someone …
  • If you're "glowing" then are you sure it's not some sort of magical item you're wearing?
  • Seems the Wii games are staying expensive for now, they are still £25 or so SECOND HAND in Gamestation and even worse in Game... so that's no fun, there are a few Gamecube games I want to pick up now that I've just picked up a Logic 3 GC controller.…
  • UT3 arrived at my house on the day of delivery due to pre-order, but it doesn't run well to be honest. I've had to set the graphics below medium to get it to run at a reasonable speed (at least in terms of FPSs). I would have thought a GeForce 7900G…
  • Hrm, I'll have a look in Game and Gamestation next week some time when I get a chance. I'm primarily looking for single player games atm (or games that have decent single player even if they are MP based). MP games will come later, plus it seems the…

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