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December 14, 1988
core network engineer


  • For 802.11B in long preamble mode ~4.5megabits in short preamble mode ~ 5.8megabit's For 802.11G in short preamble you should see about 24 megabits of TCP throughput. For 802.11N in 20mhz operation with 2x2 spatial multiplexing. ~50-65 mega…
  • I have no idea where you are but im guessing your in a rural area. You do have choices there are independent wireless isp's out there that work to deliver you a fast, consistent reliable connection. 3G/4G are doomed to never being more the…
  • That was pretty entertaining.
  • Heres the speedtest at my work through approximately 2km of backhauls (I work at a WISP). There's about 270 active people online right now. We have 8 bonded 6meg adsl connections and 600 customers. Were getting 100meg fiber burstable to 1 giga…
  • Im surprised anyone would get worked up about asking a girl out. Obviously confidence is key. I just talk to them for a bit, normally become friends first to make sure there not batshit insane. Then I ask them out, you either get rejected (…
  • Calypze wrote: Since I'm studying at a university, I live in a room belonging to them, and to use the Internet, I have to sign in at their network with my computer, to which I'm directed automatically whenever I start Firefox. When I started up…
  • UPSLynx wrote: holy crap that was good. The VHS transfer added the PERFECT touch. I don't know how they did it.. the acting was so perfectly awkward. This is completely believable. Other then the fact that the pc is ATX and has usb.
  • Rewired wrote: thx prime. it has been quite some time, has it not... i mean; damn! this place was shortmedia when i last posted. anyway hopefully i'll be on these boards with greater frequency but can't commit to anything. would love a google voic…
    in Google Voice Comment by GrayFox Sep 2009
  • I scanned through the guide quickly. I suspect the problem lies in this iptables statement iptables -I FORWARD -i vlan2 -o ppp0 -m state --state NEW -j ACCEPT Unless you have adsl and are using your router to create the pppoe connection t…
  • I had 2 invites I could have given you but there invalid now. I tried to sign up from a canadian ip address big mistake. edit: Im pming you the invite I have anyways, good luck with it.
    in Google Voice Comment by GrayFox Sep 2009
  • System Shock 2 has to be one of the best scary games, Buts its graphics have really started to show there age. Most recent scary one ive played with dead space, It was solid. edit: Fear is not a scary game, Neither is doom 3, If your scared by…
  • Run sysprep on the machines, reseal. OOBE will run and have you make user accounts and enter a key. Then activate windows on each machine. (You can preactivate as well but you will have to google how) Then just use ghost to image them. Unle…
  • Heh, Makes my school seem much nicer by comparison. Only AAA they do is on the wifi (PEAP + WPA2 TKIP) too so they can't track you reliably unless your on the wifi. 300meg feed for oncampus, 100meg for residence, and another 100meg for one of …
    in VPN Services Comment by GrayFox Apr 2009
  • Sounds like your typical router mode modem. If you only have one or 2 computers just throw it in bridged mode (This causes your modem to bridge your internets pvc to the lan) Allowing you to just do pppoe on your clients effectively eliminating t…
  • First thing, If you use internet explorer 6 upgrade to at minimum IE7. Or download firefox. Visit a site that has ssh, Such as gmail.com or your banking site (Don't login). Most tools that allow you to do man in the middle attack by default sp…
  • QCH2002 wrote: Holly shit thats fast. Heres my works, We have a OC3. (155megs)
  • Ask your host to drop all traffic from his ip address. (Assuming you don't have shell to the machine hosting it). Then the problem is solved and you can go back to not using much bandwidth.
  • pip1123 wrote: Friday I will be going to work on the computer. What do I need to do to post what I am seeing so that you can see it too? Also, there is nothing under network connections. I can't make one, how do I do that? I need an ISP addres…
  • Could you post your line stats on the sdsl line. (attenuation/SNRM/errors/fastpath-interleave)
  • Cable or dsl ? What troubleshooting have you done so far.
  • Winrar and universal extractor (some self-extracting archives/installers winrar has trouble with)
  • Operation Anchorage is awesome. I the new power armor you get when you finish too. You are literally indestructible with it.
    in Fallout 3 Comment by GrayFox Jan 2009
  • This is the first release since windows 2000 pro that has brought anything improved and worthwhile to the table. The new Explorer is a breath of fresh air and far better then vista's or xp's. Ive been running build 7000 since the day it showed…
  • That pc won't handle 1080p ever. I know 720p xvid plays fine on a 2.4C northwood overclocked to 3.4ghz. (Had a X800 XTPE in it at the time this was on my old toshiba rear projection 720P tv). Your best bet is really just to build a new HTPC, I…
    in 1080p? Comment by GrayFox Dec 2008
  • If you don't mind the security risk just turn on UPNP it will foward the necessary ports and dynamically configure your firewall rules for you. (aka break the security of your firewall) Or Asus router (ASUS WL-500g Premium ) and throw tomato or d…
  • On level3's and here no problems.
    in DNS Issues Comment by GrayFox Nov 2008
  • From the sounds of it your windows is too damaged to easily repair. Throw in a knoppix cd and backup important data over your network . Then do a format and reload. From the looks of it your windows is not repairable without a very large amoun…
  • Is your copy pirated, Some of the poorly made pirated cd's won't boot.
  • 1. Half Life Series (all of the half-life games are amazing) 2. Deus Ex (Original) 3. Metal Gear Solid PSX 4. Portal 5. BioShock
  • Heres mine.. its a bit of a mess.

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