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February 2, 1984
Carlsbad, CA


  • So it sounds like a mile goal of 6:00 is pretty realistic. It always feels good breaking those minute barriers If you are really getting into running look around for a 5K to run. It will give you a nice goal and you will meet a lot of friendly…
  • tmh88 wrote: I usually run a mile in about 6:30, and if I'm just running for distance I can go 2-3 miles if I push it. I'm not training for anything, just running to stay in shape ,so I'm not looking for some outrageous goal. If you can r…
  • j wrote: is their a program out there that can open the dll and then I can change the contents. No. You need to modify the original source code that was used to build the .dll (C/C++/C# files). If the .dll was written by Microsoft (or any …
    in .dll editor Comment by JB Mar 2008
  • Google gave me this: http://developer.pidgin.im/wiki/CHowTo
    in .dll editor Comment by JB Mar 2008
  • j wrote: So wait, does that mean you can't edit .dll files You need the source code so you can recompile the library.
    in .dll editor Comment by JB Mar 2008
  • Apparently we need more beers...
    in IC <3 Comment by JB Mar 2008
  • shwaip wrote: he shouldn't be doing it this way, though. It should be a parameter/argument to the .py script, or he should rewrite the .m file so it's a function rather than a script. Agreed.
  • I'm confused. Is this the same problem that you describe here: http://icrontic.com/forum/showthread.php?t=69489? If not, why don't you just go into the file and change the line you want to modify?
  • Using Linux? sed -e 's/old line/new line/'
  • Computer Engineering for undergraduate, working on the MS in Computer Science
  • what is that?
  • if you are studying engineering you better love it all;)
  • Well, it depends on how your script is implemented. If it expects parameters to be passed in on the command line then you have to write a loop from your shell. If you hard code the array in the script you have to write a loop in Python to iterat…
  • That is correct for the first slice.
  • JB wrote: This means you will have sections [a, a+delta x], [a+delta x, a + 2(delta x)]...[a+(n-1)(delta x), b]. Therefore, you will need to calculate your xi in terms of a and delta x. So basically slice up your area into n pieces and fin…
  • The midpoint rule lets you approximate the area under the curve (aka integral), by dividing the area into pieces and summing the individual areas. The division along the x-axis in your example is given by delta x. This means you will have sections…
  • If the numbers from Matlab are deterministic you can simply run that script once and then store the results to a file or a hard-coded array in your Python script.
  • McBain wrote: Oooh...I just moved from Detroit to San Clemente.... Maybe the tide is swinging for a west coast lan.... Nice! check out the Waffle Lady for some killer breakfast. And to stay on topic: Unfortunately coastal San Diego ha…
  • if you are running linux/cygwin you could continuously ping Comcast's server every 10 seconds in the background. For example: ping -i 10 www.comcast.com >> pingresults.txt & You can probably do the same with the windows ping utility…
  • Try stepping through with your debugger. The data set is small enough that you should find the problem in a few minutes. On a side note, I would recommend much much more descriptive names (and comments) so it is easier for someone else to read y…
    in java map help Comment by JB Feb 2008
  • Keebler wrote: dodo and Radeon_Man (now JB) in 2001 were like "hey, we'll help you build a computer... and here's this cool site, check it out" That's just because I wanted an excuse to buy something at the computer show ...I was (am) nerdy…
  • 1) Bookmark this: http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/api/ 2) Try "Head First Java" 2nd edition. I enjoyed their design pattern book and am considering the Java book myself.
    in Learning Java Comment by JB Feb 2008
  • southern California
    in -14 degrees F Comment by JB Feb 2008
  • Thanks Keebs and Prime! Now that "Radeon" is practically a household name, and owning one doesn't carry any prestige, I figured it was time to move up and on with my digital facade
    in Happy Birthday JB Comment by JB Feb 2008
  • You need a display section of your screen. See MJ's post.
  • thanks
    in Happy Birthday JB Comment by JB Feb 2008
  • Hmm...I wish something called Open Workbench would run in Linux.
  • https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia Hmm, the support list has the 6150, sans the "Go". I'm not sure if it will work with the Go version since it seems to call out other supported Go drivers.
  • Thanks Kwitko, that fits the bill perfectly.

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