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drasnor Icrontian


Hawthorne, CA
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April 13, 1984
Hawthorne, CA
Rocket Scientist


  • drasnor earned the 250 LOLs badge.
    You received 250 LOLs. Do you have an upvote cabal? You can't be THAT funny.
    21 Jan
  • You've provided Team 93 with enough "Supercomputing" power to generate 100 MILLION points. We can harness this "supercomputer" to militarize artificial "satellites" around the Earth which we will deploy in "space" to conquer the globe.
    Jun 2016
  • drasnor earned the System Builder badge.
    Built own system with input or help from Icrontic's community.
    Jun 2016
  • drasnor earned the ICHQ Guild Member badge.
    Sponsored or co-sponsored a room at ICHQ: Detroit, or contributed to the general rebuild fund.
    Jun 2016
  • drasnor earned the Athletics! badge.
    You've engaged in a sporting, strenuous, or otherwise athletic activity with other Icrontians (IN REAL LIFE, NO LESS)
    Jun 2016
  • drasnor, evonnecameron, _k, DontCallMeKelso, Stack and 36 others earned the Expo Icrontic 2016 badge.
    You attended Expo Icrontic 2016 in Detroit, MI
    Jun 2016
  • drasnor earned the 500 Awesomes badge.
    You received 500 Awesomes. Cheater.
    Dec 2015
  • drasnor earned the Photogenic badge.
    Little things like uploading a profile picture make the community a better place. Thanks!
    Jan 2015
  • drasnor changed his profile picture.
    Jan 2015
  • drasnor, d3k0y and ardichoke earned the Coffee Me badge.
    Discussed the fine art of coffee, attended coffee-centric Icrontic events, or bought coffee for a fellow Icrontian. Share the magic!
    Oct 2014
  • drasnor earned the 100 LOLs badge.
    You received 100 LOLs. You are just a regular comedian, aren't you?
    Sep 2014
  • GnomeWizardd

    whats the price without the card?

    Apr 2014
  • drasnor earned the 100 Awesomes badge.
    You received 100 Awesomes. You're just awesomely awesome!
    Dec 2013
  • drasnor earned the 25 Helpfuls badge.
    You received 25 Helpfuls. You're posting some good content. Great!
    Dec 2013
  • drasnor earned the 25 LOLs badge.
    You received 25 LOLs. Maybe not coffee-spitting LOLs, but you're getting there.
    Oct 2013
  • drasnor and shwaip earned the Tea Bag badge.
    It was supposed to be Tea BADGE. BADGE. Discussing the fine art of tea, enjoyed a cup with a fellow Icrontian, or thrown a tea party for Icrontians. We love tea!
    Sep 2013
  • drasnor, _k, Colgere, ErrorNullTurnip, DocFrazier and MiracleManS were promoted to Icrontian.
    You can now edit your own posts forever and create polls.
    Sep 2013
  • drasnor earned the 5 Helpfuls badge.
    You received 5 Helpfuls. We like that.
    Jul 2013
  • drasnor earned the Tenth Anniversary badge.
    Thanks for sticking with us for 10 years.
    Jul 2013