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Fort Wayne, IN
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Fort Wayne, IN
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  • kimono54 earned the Building Memories badge.
    Share a major life milestone with us on Icrontic.
    Dec 2013
  • kimono54 was promoted to Icrontian.
    You can now edit your own posts forever and create polls.
    Sep 2013
  • kimono54 earned the Combo Breaker badge.
    Earned badges for 5 different things in one day (now you can say it was 6!).
    Jul 2013
  • kimono54 earned the Icrontic Boardgamer badge.
    You've participated in actual boardgame play with other Icrontians
    Jul 2013
  • kimono54 earned the Wine Snob badge.
    A complex palate with an avocado-like tang and a smoky, lobster bisque finish...
    Jul 2013
  • kimono54 earned the Tea Bag badge.
    It was supposed to be Tea BADGE. BADGE. Discussing the fine art of tea, enjoyed a cup with a fellow Icrontian, or thrown a tea party for Icrontians. We love tea!
    Jul 2013
  • Have "Curated a Delightful Experience" for another Icrontian; introduced them to a new band, or taken them to a cool local restaurant, or given them an awesome book. Make life more awesome!
    Jul 2013
  • You have shared your expertise of "the higher spirits" with the community, or had some boozin' with Keebs or Prime.
    Jul 2013
  • kimono54 earned the !beerme badge.
    Have shown outstanding taste in beer, participated in beer-review discussions, or have bought Matt & Brian copious amounts of it.
    Jul 2013
  • kimono54 earned the Coffee Me badge.
    Discussed the fine art of coffee, attended coffee-centric Icrontic events, or bought coffee for a fellow Icrontian. Share the magic!
    Jul 2013
  • kimono54 and RyanMM earned the I Like Icrontic badge.
    You Like Icrontic on Facebook. Thanks!
    Jun 2013
  • kimono54 earned the 25 Awesomes badge.
    You received 25 Awesomes. You are clearly a very awesome person.
    Jun 2013