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Aranyic Icrontian


Piqua, OH
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October 19, 1984
Piqua, OH
Operations Manager (Transportation)
  • Re: Vlan's not connecting across switches (GS752TP and M4100-26G)

    I figured it out last last night.

    My configuration issue was that I had the PC port tagged instead of untagged.

    I made that change early on but it took me about another 2 hours to get it working correctly. A fiber link was added between these switches when they were put in. However an ethernet connection was also left in place (port 11 to port 4 took a while to find) that I was not accounting for. I kind of knew that it may still be floating around out there but assumed that as long as I was accounting for one of the links between the switches that the packets would still find their way home. Turns out not. Once I tracked down that ethernet link and accounted for it in the tagging it all worked like magic.

  • Joined the Guild

    Hey everyone figured I would stop by the forums and check in since I joined the guild last night. You'll see myself (Androk) and my wife (Iillia) online. We have both been playing since release in the same guild but took a hiatus from the game for a while (4 years for me and about a year for her). When the longing for wow came back around the people part was missing from the MMO. Our guild had pretty much died over the years and LFR/LFG just isn't the same.

    We started looking for a new home and Icrontic was the first real place I thought of when I thought online community. Because that's what we are looking for in a guild, not just a place where people raid and then ignore each other for the other 5-6 days in the week. I look forward to meeting everyone new and reconnecting with some of you who have been around for while.

  • Re: Where were you 10 years ago?

    Ten years ago I was graduating high school and headed off to college to room with norge and mmonnin (plus 1 more who was never really involved in iIrontic). My life has taken a lot of twists and turns since that point. Icrontic played a large part in my life starting when I was around 15 or 16 (very last 2000ish maybe) and built my first computer from scratch using an entire summer of lawn mowing money. I was actually confused at first because I had only found Apu's Hardware a couple of times and then it became Icrontic. There are still to this day many interactions I had with people from that start up until I really slowed down and kind of faded away around 2005 (edit I guess closer to early /mid 2007 the years kind of blend together). I can say without question that I’m a better person for the time I’ve spent here.

    These type of thread always get me going to the way back machine for memories.

    My hat is off and I'm truly grateful to all those who put in the time and effort to Icrontic alive. Those who are still active and those who have moved on to other adventures.
  • Re: The ~2002 Icrontic Yearbook

    That brings back some memories. I missed this thread the first time around glad it got brought back again.

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