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July 19, 1982
  • Any fountain pen nerds on Icrontic?

    Anyone else think fountain pens are kinda cool? It kinda hits the same buttons in terms of appeal as mechanical watches does for me. They're all over the spectrum in terms of price and features, from $3 Chinese specials to stupid expensive one-offs made by artisans in tiny shops. And then you tack on the plethora of inks and nibs so you can get the perfect color and line weights...

    I just ordered a Pilot Metropolitan and can't wait to try it. Another entry-level pen I considered was the Lamy AL-star. Both have solid reviews for being affordable and reliable.

    The Pilot

    The Lamy

    My current grail, the Kaweco Brass Sport

  • Re: Wanna ride bikes?

    Time for bompz.

    Got the Hardrock and it sat on my shelf (I HAVE A HUGE SHELF) in my office for years, looking all rad. This year, I finally got out riding it. Me and some buddies got the mountain bike bug. After a season of riding my Hardrock, it's become pretty evident it's not suited for the trails we ride. I went ahead and upgraded the Suntour fork to a Rockshox Tora 318 85-130mm U-turn coil adjustable... which made a hell of a difference in ride quality and actually shaved some weight. Still, the 26" wheels and v-brakes don't make riding our rocky, rutted trails much fun. The Hardrock is good for flowing XC singletrack, but we tend to ride more all mountain. So an upgrade is in the works, but for now I'm determined to get as much out of my bike as possible.

    Part of my plan involves building better riding stamina and improving my pedal skillz, so to do that, I purchased a fixed gear bike. My goal is to commute on it this summer and force myself to become a better cyclist.

    Then, down the road I'll get a 650b or 29er. Probably full-suspension. Probably with the ability to fit 3" or wider tires to better tackle the sand on our trails.

    My buddy I ride with has a Trek Superfly FS and he can clear most of the crap we encounter without issues, so perhaps I'm over complicating things a bit.

  • Music on vinyl

    Who likes records? I do. @mertesn does. @Gargoyle‌ does. And I hear @linc does too. Let's talk.

    I don't have a huge or valuable collection, but probably half my music purchases are on LP. I like the format. The physical presence encourages me to engage with the music actively. You've gotta take care when listening so you don't jack up the record, and the packaging forces you to interact with the art and liner notes, unlike a CD where some little booklet stays tucked into the notches in the lid of the case, or an MP3 where you just say screw it and play one song.

    My current interest (as of yesterday) is this fundraiser selling test pressings (the record equivalent of a beta test) for charity. Seems cool.

    What about you? What's spinning on your turntable?

  • Re: Icrontic EVE Discussion


    Sonic Intoxication is back up and swinging and we're having fun making dat fat ISK. If you're up for some small gang PVP, Incursions, and generally making money with friends it might be a good time to join up. I had fun in TEST but got tired of being space-poor. Come line your wallet with us.

  • Re: Beard Tips

    Beard tips:
    1) Never shave.
    2) When gets itchy, resist the urge to shave. The itch will go away once your beard gets longer.
    3) Face lotion helps alleviate the itch.
    4) After 6-8 weeks, it's okay to trim your neck line. Trimming your neck and cheek lines will give the appearance of a fuller beard and keep you from being mistaken for a hobo.
    5) Beard oil is awesome and expensive.
    6) Conditioner is good.
    7) I comb my beard to keep from getting tangles.
    8) When two beards cross paths, the bigger beard has right-of-way. This is the rule of the beard.


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