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  • Re: Magic: The Gathering news - June 2017 announcement week

    I am a Magic player who stopped to play Hearthstone.

    Of course, I got tired of Hearthstone and quit that also.

  • Re: WANTED: Prizes & Prizemaster for Expo 2017

  • Re: Announcing Expo 2017!

    Picked up Smash Bros. for my 3DS. I'm ready for two-years ago gaming!

  • Re: Overwatch

    These people clearly have a very strict training regimen to keep up their mad skills. Where do they find the time to learn to do so many different dances?

  • Re: New Star Trek TV Series (update - Star Trek: Discovery)

    @CB said:

    I really hope that they go into the farther future of the Star Trek story:


    Setting it contemporary with TOS would run them into a lot of weird narrative barriers. First, that's where the modern films are set, so they would compete with the films for narrative power. Second, they would have to make a lot more decisions about how much the timey-wimey stuff in the films changed the original lore, which is a recipe for butt-hurt TOS fans (if anyone cares about them), and will also continue to alienate TNG era fans who can't help but wonder how the changes affect their favorite era. Finally, it's the least interesting era of the galaxy, at least to younger fans, due to its reliance on allegories to 60's and 70's world politics.


    Thus: The best time to set the new series is ahead of all existing series by at least 200 years (but even better more like 500 years). That's plenty of time to distance the plot from the other eras, and allow the writers to sort of refer to those stories in a vague enough way that they don't have to commit to specific changes (like "Did the Battle of Wolf 359 still turn out as depicted in TNG and DS9?! because if the time-travel shit changed the outcome of that battle... holy cheeses!"). while still being, technically in the same universe as the films. Also, it will give the writers and producers the chance to do more new things. The costumes and ships can get a complete make-over, they wont have to work around the politics and allegiances already established in the other shows, and they could travel to new galaxies where the aliens are not all humanoid descendants of the Preservers race.

    Imagine a Star Trek in which the Federation flagship is exploring a whole new galaxy at Warp 40, and the crew is a representative sample of every race in the Milky Way because they are all now part of the Federation. The entire Milky Way Galaxy has become the boringly peaceful and productive Home that Earth plays in the other series. It would keep the name, and tie into the IP of Star Trek, but it would be the fresh, interesting sci-fi series that we really need. Star Trek without the Star Trek baggage.

    I'm getting excited just imagining it.

    @Linc said:

    Time period is 10 years prior to Kirk.

    Well, shit.