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Baltimore, MD
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January 16, 1975
Baltimore, MD
  • Re: Anyone else have a Funko Pop problem?

  • Re: Budget home build

    For $350 you can go with a 525 GB SSD. I put one together on microcenter with an AsRock board that has HDMI, VGA, and DVI out on the board. 8 GB of DDR 3 in dual channel, most expensive part is the SSD.

    You could build around a SkyLake / Kabby Lake i3 on a budget. That is your only other decent option without spending for a graphics card and adding a little complexity to the build. I'd just get an A10, it's cheap and good like most of Icrontic. Kids will even be able to play some video games on it.

  • Re: Budget home build


    Pair that with a little FM2+ board and you will be good to go.

  • Re: Anyone else have a Funko Pop problem?

    @Linc said:

    @BuddyJ said:
    So these are the new Beanie Babies?

    The "it'll be worth money one day so I can't touch it" thing is the weirdest self-deprivation to me, and I generally have issues with any collection you're not allowed to touch / unwrap / remove the tag. As soon as someone gets a Magic card "graded" and it's slapped in a permanent plastic case, it's worth zero to me. Constantly equating your collection to money sucks all my fun away.

    True story: When I recently obtained a few rare & heavily-sought Magic cards, the first thing I did was take them out of their binder page and hold them in my hand. I did it in the name of "checking their authenticity"... but really I just wanted to touch them. :nudge:

    People obsess over box condition. I'm in a Facebook group, we have occasional swap meets, and if a box has a little crease or whatever they can't wait to dump them, and I'm more than happy to trade or pay less for those because I throw most boxes in the recycle bin. Bobble head must bobble man!

    I used to keep carded toys, that's so silly. Toys are meant to be touched, played with. I mean it's okay to have a little shelf with a display of some toys but the obsession about keeping them in the package or on the bubble card forever is also odd to me. I had a collection like that at one time and saw how silly it was. Buy something to never touch it?? It's weird. A lot of obsessive collectors like that, I don't judge... but yeah, they are weird.

    I don't get them for value, I don't care about that. Some guys though, they will spend hundreds on a "Vaulted" rare item. I just hunt at the typical $10 retail price. I'm a sucker for a good buy two get one free sale. I think POP! is neat because there is something in the line for everybody. It hits just about every area of popular culture and they are being released so rapidly, literally every couple of weeks the rotation at the store may change. New items introduced, special editions release, certain items announced for the vault so finding it gets harder. It's hard to put into words, it's an accessible collectors hobby that scales easily to the specific collector.

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