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Cliff_Forster Icrontian


Baltimore, MD
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January 16, 1975
Baltimore, MD
  • Re: Next decade, new logo: Icrontic 2017

    By removing the fedora you are not respecting our great heritage!

  • Re: Rest in peace, Chris Cornell

  • Re: Rest in peace, Chris Cornell

    "Nearly Forgot my Broken Heart" is my favorite song released in the last few years. Chris Cornell had this thing I liked. You see, anyone that practices hard enough can hit the right notes, sing in key, have good pitch, diction and such, even if your range is limited, you can still learn to sing in a pocket somewhere (Little known fact, I was my high school class vocalist)... But you see, feeling is the stuff you can't fake, you can't learn, you can't teach. To me that is the art, it isn't about pitch or range, it's about conveyance of emotion through your voice. That's what separates a good singer from a great vocal artist. Chris Cornell sings this and conveys emotion in a way that you absolutely 100% know as a listener that he is suffering inside this cycle of repetitive heartbreak. I heard it the first time on my local Rock radio (WIYY Baltimore) and it stopped me cold, I had to immediately find the song to play it back again, as soon as I got home I had to repeat this song. It spoke to me, it made me feel a little less lonely. It was an incredible gift. You can't learn that, you can't fake it, you either have it or you don't and Chris Cornell had it big time. Shame he is gone.

  • Re: Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is out!!!

    I have enough experience playing Overwatch to say that the average six person team is two quiet guys/gals, three actively chatting positive guys/gals, and one blowhard asshat.... Every team seems to have one. It takes the other five to reel them in. It isn't acceptable to pick on Hanzo mains if you play with me. Hell, if someone does, I'll go Mercy intentionally just to support the snot out of the player the flaming asshat is picking on... Don't get mad, get even. Want some heals or a tank to walk you in?? Don't be a dick. Most of the community is pretty cool, but that 15% or so.... ughhhhh.

    One was so awful to me one day, I had a bad round, I apologized openly to the team before anyone said anything, "sorry guys, just didn't get into rhythm on that one" as soon as I said it this guy got on the mic to tell me how worthless I was and how I should off myself and such.... I could have ignored it and hit report but I said, "Hey bro, my neighbor killed himself not too long ago and my wife is sitting on the couch a few feet away after getting cancer cut out of her. I depend on this game to keep a little sanity, so you are not helping"... He disconnected and we lost but the other people on the server applauded me for standing up to him. Suicide jokes, never okay, my kid is 13, she plays online games, if I ever catch her telling someone to kill themselves I'll sell her Playstation and put it in her college fund. If she does not know better already, she will learn. We need to straighten these kids out a bit as reasonable grown ass gamers. It's good for them.

  • Re: An ode to the album format, and my top 11

    Also, like @Linc how do you pick one Floyd or Who album? I went with "The Wall" because it has some of my favorite moments. David Gilmour may be my favorite guitarist and the solo's on "The Wall", so brilliant, but "Wish you Were Here" may be the best cover to cover as far as feeling like a complete cohesive album.

    The Who, how do you pick from the amazing singles on "Who's Next" to the long concept pieces. All amazing, stuff, big fan, but down to eleven I choose Zeppelin as my favorite 70's hard rock band instead.

    Steely Dan, like if you are going to listen to a Jazz fusion thing, "Aja" and "Gaucho" are hard to beat but instead, I'll go with Miles Davis because I love the kind of controlled chaos of that style. There is this moment on Dave Matthews Before these Crowded Streets where he does a duet with Alanis Morissette at the end of the album and the last minute breaks apart like a Miles Davis fusion moment where everything is going on and it's just barely holding together and it's so powerful for me. I love it, one of my favorite moments on any album.

    I completely cut classic British metal as a genre here, which kills me, but if only eleven I could not quite fit it at that top of the musical mountain. That all said, I'm pretty sure Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" cures ED better than viagra. Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast" and any number of Judas Priest albums. I left off Black Sabbath's "Paranoid"... how is that even possible? (Perhaps the worst album cover ever though)

    I suppose the one band I'd love to give an honorable is Kings of Leon... See, it's really difficult for me to pick a best album there because my favorite is probably their third right before they started getting some real radio airplay. Not the most album driven band, each is a collection of singles, mostly kinda pop rock, but an amazing live band, and one of those unifying factors in the household because my wife love's a lot of really awful music, but it's one thing we agree strongly on. Just hard for me to pick that singular album and say, yeah, that's the one everyone should have.

    The Door's LA Woman.... How the hell did I leave that off?

    Buddy Guy's "Damn Right I've got the Blues"... WTF Cliff

    Not a single Beatles mention??

    Need a bigger list to work with. Cool thread though, I'm so into music and I have nobody to really talk with about it. My wife and kid are one Katty Perry tune away from destroying my soul... Thank you Icrontic for restoring my faith in humanity.