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January 16, 1975
Baltimore, MD
  • Re: An ode to the album format, and my top 11

    Also, like @Linc how do you pick one Floyd or Who album? I went with "The Wall" because it has some of my favorite moments. David Gilmour may be my favorite guitarist and the solo's on "The Wall", so brilliant, but "Wish you Were Here" may be the best cover to cover as far as feeling like a complete cohesive album.

    The Who, how do you pick from the amazing singles on "Who's Next" to the long concept pieces. All amazing, stuff, big fan, but down to eleven I choose Zeppelin as my favorite 70's hard rock band instead.

    Steely Dan, like if you are going to listen to a Jazz fusion thing, "Aja" and "Gaucho" are hard to beat but instead, I'll go with Miles Davis because I love the kind of controlled chaos of that style. There is this moment on Dave Matthews Before these Crowded Streets where he does a duet with Alanis Morissette at the end of the album and the last minute breaks apart like a Miles Davis fusion moment where everything is going on and it's just barely holding together and it's so powerful for me. I love it, one of my favorite moments on any album.

    I completely cut classic British metal as a genre here, which kills me, but if only eleven I could not quite fit it at that top of the musical mountain. That all said, I'm pretty sure Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" cures ED better than viagra. Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast" and any number of Judas Priest albums. I left off Black Sabbath's "Paranoid"... how is that even possible? (Perhaps the worst album cover ever though)

    I suppose the one band I'd love to give an honorable is Kings of Leon... See, it's really difficult for me to pick a best album there because my favorite is probably their third right before they started getting some real radio airplay. Not the most album driven band, each is a collection of singles, mostly kinda pop rock, but an amazing live band, and one of those unifying factors in the household because my wife love's a lot of really awful music, but it's one thing we agree strongly on. Just hard for me to pick that singular album and say, yeah, that's the one everyone should have.

    The Door's LA Woman.... How the hell did I leave that off?

    Buddy Guy's "Damn Right I've got the Blues"... WTF Cliff

    Not a single Beatles mention??

    Need a bigger list to work with. Cool thread though, I'm so into music and I have nobody to really talk with about it. My wife and kid are one Katty Perry tune away from destroying my soul... Thank you Icrontic for restoring my faith in humanity.

  • Re: It is two months past Christmas, do you know where your NES Classic is?

    I just want the NES Classic. It is a cool little package priced fairly. I want Nintendo to take my DAMN MONEY ALREADY!!

    I will not pay an eBay scalper, because eBay scalpers are scum. I don't really have anything against anyone who wants to make an emulation platform out of their own hardware. It can be a fun little project. It isn't for me though. I want the official real deal and am willing to pay for it if they would just make some more already.

  • Goodbye Carrie Fisher (with a special "bite me" to the year 2016)

    We can all agree, 2016 has been brutal. Both Great Britain and America have lost their collective minds. So many tragic events in the news. Shootings, wars, racial tensions, riots, so many good talented people lost too soon (not to mention a personally awful year for me)... (don't ask, the less you know the better off you are)... and now... Carrie Fisher.

    Icrontic is a beautiful place where we share certain passions with one another. Let's all say it together, if you don't love Star Wars, you are just freaking weird. I don't get you. Star Wars is so much more than laser beams and the force, it's a chunk of your childhood, it's a story that resonates with you, gives you hope, makes even the most jaded person cheer for the hero. In short, Star Wars is everything that is good.

    Carrie Fisher gave us a performance that was so much more than a pretty princess. She was a trailblazer, part of the Women's liberation movement in the 70's. George Lucas was a visionary. A genius that dared to have women in his world be tough enough to pick up a blaster and contribute. Carrie Fisher was perfect for the role because in real life she was snarky and didn't put up with any shit. That came through in the performance that Lucas intentionally wrote as a strong female lead. Not afraid to get her hands dirty. Not afraid to mouth off to her knight in shining armor when he was acting a fool. Carrie Fishers Princess Leia represented a new kind of female role model, and I dare to say, it brought progress, making the world a better place for women. It's that important and it was no accident. George Lucas is radically progressive, he wanted that conveyed in his world. Women were not just for saving and making sandwiches anymore. Leia would shoot you in the face or would choke your fat ass with a chain when you had it coming. In 2016 that may not seem like a big deal, but that's because they dared to go there together. Leia saves Han in Jedi... Frankly, Han's stupid ass never gets out of the trash compactor without Leia, this is not accident, Lucas want's you to see this progression, and Carrie Fisher delivered it brilliantly.

    Carrie Fisher also had an incredible amount of courage. She exposed her personal struggles far before it was fashionable to do so. She struggled with substance abuse. You didn't hear it second hand, she wrote about it herself. She struggled with mental illness and depression, you did not hear about it from some scandal rag journalist, she told us all about it. In a world that is so fast to judge, she had amazing courage to say, here is this thing a lot of us deal with, it's real, it's there, it's okay if you don't love yourself some days, it's okay to feel weak or imperfect, nobody is, and in a way that gives us all a little courage as we deal with the shit that life hands us. It's a little easier for me to say, yeah, I've never really loved myself, I've struggled with depression ever since I can remember. I joke, it's how I cope, it's how she did too, God Carrie Fisher was funny, just look at some of her interviews. That self deprecating sense of humor, perhaps hiding some pain. She was a complicated and beautiful person and I'm so sad that she had to leave us today.

    2016, bite me.

  • Re: Merry Christmas Icrontic

    Merry Christmas from the little town of Baltimore Hon.

  • Re: Need help locating a reliable Smoothwall guide

    I actually have extra SATA and External USB burners laying about and some disks, tell me if an internal or external is better and send me your address, I'll mail to you.

    Converting the files to bootable iso isn't impossible, but it may as well be. Burner will make it easier.