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Cliff_Forster Icrontian


Baltimore, MD
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January 16, 1975
Baltimore, MD
  • Re: Nintendo bringing back NES Classic in 2018 - aka Nintendo decides it enjoys making money....

    The Genesis version of Mortal Kombat had blood. Flawless victory.

  • Re: Anyone else have a Funko Pop problem?

    @CB said:

    @Tushon said:

    Don't like it, move along.

    Well... I was trying to start a discussion about their merits, especially relative to other collectables, since I don't understand the appeal, but I clearly did a poor job. I'll see myself out. :)

    It's an unwritten rule that being snarky in a thread that I produce is slightly more acceptable than other threads because I kinda have it coming....

    @CB I forgive you for your slight of my beautiful POPs! I know one day you will envy me for my collection.

  • Re: Next decade, new logo: Icrontic 2017

    By removing the fedora you are not respecting our great heritage!

  • Re: Mad Catz shuts down due to financial woes

    First, hate to see news that means anyone is loosing work.

    That said, Mad Catz could never escape the image of being a manufacturer of low quality components that grandma got for the kids because she wanted to save five bucks and "it's just as good right?" Also, they had a stupid name that sounds like it came right out of a 1989 brainstorming session. Probably some Beverly Hills rich kids who started a company with their parents money sniffed some coke while listening to a Tone Loc record, walked out and were like, Yo, we are MAD CATZ! That name literally wears a mullet, the logo even, everything about the branding was stuck in the past.

    So.... they made two or three things in the company history that did not suck. The high end joysticks are nice, I had one but sold it because I'm just a way better pad fighter. I actually have the cheaper Tatsunoku vs. Capcom Wii stick still sitting in a box, maybe a collectors item now?? Not sure, I've been thinking about trying to mod the electronics for a USB PC stick. I also have a six button Ryu SF pad, the build is garbage, but it works. I had PS2 controllers, memory cards, I believe I had a N64 controller, all crap destined to fail inside of a few months. I tried one of those crazy Rat mice once just because a local Best Buy was basically giving them away on clearance, took it home and laughed at how stupid and backwards the design was, I gave it to a kid that told me it quit on him after a few months.

    Mad Catz sucked. That's why they are no more.

  • Re: Got engaged