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January 16, 1975
Baltimore, MD
  • Re: SPOILERS HERE - StarWars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Post Viewing Extravaganza - SPOILERS HERE

    Probably got deleted for prequel level dialoge and acting. It isn't a bad idea but it is poorly executed.

  • Re: Having some odd computer problems...

    The Titan X probably making your 12 Volt rails cry for mercy. Or it's not impossible it was improperly installed and the electrostatic discharge is just starting to show. ESD can be funny that way, maybe damage a component and you don't always see it right away. Maybe into the I/O somehow? That can be hard to diagnose after the fact, but if it wasn't installed with proper anti static protections, consider that possible in which case you just may as well do a new system build.

    To fuel that system I'd say a good 650 watt Power Supply should do. Even if yours is, it has aged a bit and as capacitors age power supply's start to decline that's why you always want to have some overhead. People always wonder why does a GPU manufacture suggest double what a system will likely load at, and that's why, because in a few years your 600 watt power supply may only function more like a 500 watt supply. It depends on a lot of variables, environment it's used in, how hard and often it is loaded so on so forth.

    Investment in a new power supply either way will not go to waste, you are interested in playing games on a Titan X, may as well feed it.

    For $70 - This will take you where you need to go. - https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?item=N82E16817151118

    Get a Power Supply, swap it out carefully. See how it fares. Good, you just know the Titan was making your Power Supply cry. Not so good, I'd say you probably are in some trouble. I'm not saying it can't be software, but it doesn't seem like it from the randomness of the problems you are having, seems like a hardware issue to me.

  • Re: SPOILERS HERE - StarWars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Post Viewing Extravaganza - SPOILERS HERE

    It was significantly better for me the second time around. I came to justify all the little details that bothered me. Leia could not be left on the cutting room floor, that scene with Luke at the end is vital, and the only real reason I was upset about Leia space ghost wasn't so much because I found it silly (I don't mind silly all that much) it was more because I was struggling with seeing that character for the last time and just wanted them to be as respectful to Carrie Fisher as possible. Second time though, I can see why they had to stick with their initial plan. Yoda still looks a little off, but my daughter said it was the best moment of the film. "We are what they grow beyond" is a beautiful line and necessary for the ending of the film to have meaning. Still not sure why Yoda hasn't shoved a lightning bolt up Kylo Ren's ass, but hey, it's a great moment that I was too caught up in the changes to appreciate fully the first time. Most importantly I realized how brilliant Mark Hamill was in this. That moment that really upset me the first time around, the idea that my hero would ever for even a second consider murdering someone in his sleep... I got something out of the performance this time, something that I couldn't realize in the shock of the first viewing. Hamill was perfect, although the milk scene grossed my wife out, which I considered a bonus.

    All and all, The Last Jedi is much better than I initially gave it credit for. Now, it's not the Empire Strikes Back, but then again, what is? I adjusted my bar, enjoyed it for what it is, have maybe grown to appreciate some of the risk taking despite maybe not completely approving of it.

    Now, if Hux can die like the lawyer in Jurassic Park in the next one I'll be a happy man. Seriously, I want a Rathtar to eat Hux while he is on the toilet. That's a death fitting that character.

  • Re: SPOILERS HERE - StarWars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Post Viewing Extravaganza - SPOILERS HERE

    I'm going to do my second viewing this weekend, finally get around to taking the kids (The one thing about a Christmas release is there is just too much to do)....

    I have good reason to think I'll enjoy it more now. That initial emotional kind of shock will have worn off and I'll just be more willing to accept it for what it is, but then... I got to thinking.

    This has been an incredible year for film hasn't it? I mean 2017 winding down and I've seen at least ten films this year that may be better than a Star Wars film and that's not a bad thing.

    Blade Runner 2049 may have been my favorite film this year, but consider what Logan did for the comic hero genre, think about how fun the new Guardians, Spider-Man and Thor installments were. Hell even M. Night Shayamalan made a good film this year with Split. Baby Driver, IT, Get Out, Dunkirk, Wonder Woman, The Shape of Water... 2017 was the year for fantastic film. Other than Justice League I can't say I went to the theater and saw a movie that was awful.

  • Re: 1050 Ti vs 1060

    I want to tell you to consider AMD, but for some odd reason Unreal Engine 4 games run a bit better on Nvidia. The GPU market has been a bit batshit for the last year or so now. The funny money currency miners have spiked demand making it harder for a gamer to find a decently priced card. I was lucky to get my RX 580 8GB when I did, I got it for around $229 right before the world went mad. Things are better than they were six months ago, but it's still inflated. Mid range product you used to buy for around $169 is $329 these days. Premium cards are mostly north of $500. It's almost enough to make you consider gaming on console.... NAH!!!

    Battlegrounds is a demanding title. Looking at benchmarks, the 1060 6GB models can not hold a steady 60FPS at a medium preset at 1920 X 1080 (they avg about 50 fps). If you buy a 1050 you are going to have to throw it into low and consider gaming all the way down to 1280 X 720 to get it to run. Consider saving a bit, I know it sucks, but that's just the graphics market right now. Measure twice, cut once, you don't want to be stuck with a card having to sell it because product in that segment is hard to get a fair resale on. Premium product holds value a bit better, the entry level gamer stuff, not so much, if you buy it and decide it was a mistake you will have trouble selling it for more than $75 or so.


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