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Cliff_Forster Icrontian


Baltimore, MD
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January 16, 1975
Baltimore, MD
  • Re: An ode to the album format, and my top 11

    Man, Dream Theater, Tool, Genesis, Yes... Smart people dig Prog.

  • Re: Logan

    It is the "Unforgiven" of the super hero genre. Of the films in this genre that take themselves a bit more seriously, I think Logan is even better than The Dark Knight. That whole argument about humanity, nature vs. nurture, what parts make you, you... It aims to have that level of depth and for me it succeeded. The violence was necessary, it shows the brutality and consequence, what he has to live with. Too many comic characters, I'd not be alright with this treatment, but for Logan, it's perfect.

    Not really a spoiler, but maybe sort of... so up to you if you want to read.....

    In the comic "Old Man Logan" all the X-Men are dead because Red Skull get's a bright idea and says, let's switch up our enemies, they will never see it coming and we will all take over, and Mystereo gives up his vendetta against Spider Man for a bit to trick Logan into murdering all of the X-Men...

    In the film, they gloss over what may have happened, how it may have all come about, but it looks like Prof. X may have literally lost his mind leading to some horrible consequence and Logan spends his later years trying to forget, and trying to protect him from that horrible memory. It's brilliant how they don't completely give it to you, it respects the audience, you have to cobble together what that relationship is, how a parent in their later years depends on their kids, the roles are reversed and the child becomes the caregiver... It is so cleverly put together, how they craft the world for the film. I loved it. Logan is a special film in a genre that has become far too crowded.

  • Re: It is two months past Christmas, do you know where your NES Classic is?

    @Linc - Thread hijack badge with GTA style graphics? :p

    Guys, I did not mean to force a debate on legality of someone's emulation hobby box. I think they are cool and all, but I still, really, really, really want the NES Classic.

    Now, sorta, kinda getting back to the thing I just complained about because I don't know what I want?? Be careful if you are a classic cartridge collector. It has become way too easy to fake an old cartridge by flashing a ROM chip and putting it inside a cartridge kit and slapping a reproduction sticker on it. Retro home gaming is picking up a bit. You see new product coming out to play old NES, SNES, Sega games. I know a couple young men that work in a shop locally where they deal in classic games, and they will tell you the reproduction carts are very sophisticated now. You have to know how to examine them, types of screws used, proper sticker wear, placement, contact wear, proper trademarks, maybe even insist on opening it up if it is valuable enough. Piracy is a huge problem in that market right now for people who want to do business honestly.

  • Re: It is two months past Christmas, do you know where your NES Classic is?

    I just want the NES Classic. It is a cool little package priced fairly. I want Nintendo to take my DAMN MONEY ALREADY!!

    I will not pay an eBay scalper, because eBay scalpers are scum. I don't really have anything against anyone who wants to make an emulation platform out of their own hardware. It can be a fun little project. It isn't for me though. I want the official real deal and am willing to pay for it if they would just make some more already.

  • Re: AMD Ryzen

    I've been looking forward to a build shrink for a long time. I won't be there day one, I'll kinda wait a few weeks, see where the real benchmarks end up. I'll probably be fine with the $329 model, save a little heat and noise. I'm thinking about building in the Fractal Define Mini. My Current Corsair 600t is massive on my desk, and I never plan to do another multi GPU build, plus I'm over windows and lights. I'll have a PC that looks all grown up and stuff.