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Cliff_Forster Icrontian


Baltimore, MD
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January 16, 1975
Baltimore, MD
  • Re: Far Cry 5

    I kind of miss playing story based single player games. I've been so addicted to Overwatch that it's taken me outside of my typical gaming habits. I'm with you, this looks like a must play from a story and presentation standpoint.

  • Re: Craft brewer sells out to InBev

    The dream of a millennial dude owning a craft brewery is akin to millennial ladies all wanting their own cupcake bakery several years back. It's a tricky investment for a bank because most regions have reached saturation. There are going to be winners and losers over the next few years. Here in the Mid Atlantic beer has been a boom market. It seems like a new craft brewery pops up every couple months, and I'm not just talking restaurants that brew their own beer, I'm talking facilities with distribution and dreams of owning a slice of the craft beer pie. Honestly, most of it is pretty good, and most of them have a decent branding and marketing plan to differentiate themselves, still..... Something has to give, the bubble is going to burst eventually. If I were loaning money, I'm not sure MD/PA/VA/DE needs another craft brew facility.

    If I had a successful craft brand, when I say successful, I don't mean Sam Adams, they can do their own thing, they have made it and are not in any danger of going under, but think an emerging brand, like here in MD we have this small company, Union Brewing that makes a session IPA called Duckpin that is branded well and quite nice... If I owned Union Brewing and a corporate brewery made me an attractive offer to set my family up good, I think the smart money would be to get out.... Honestly, so many of these great brands are going to go under in the next few years, there are just too many of them, the market is saturated, mankind only needs so many session IPA's to choose from.

  • Re: Craft brewer sells out to InBev

    I will never forgive InBev/AB for destroying Rolling Rock. That was my cheap lawn mowing beer and they ruined it. When you move production, even the water source can be enough to ruin the taste of a brew. In some cases the tanks, or the storage facility for the ingredients, they all seem like little things but they give a brew their character. Nothing good comes out of their Texas or St. Louis facility.

  • @Thrax knows how to RAM

    Look at what I found on my lunch break.

    Thanks @Thrax I learned a couple things.

  • Re: Heroes of the Storm 2.0 is out!!!

    I have enough experience playing Overwatch to say that the average six person team is two quiet guys/gals, three actively chatting positive guys/gals, and one blowhard asshat.... Every team seems to have one. It takes the other five to reel them in. It isn't acceptable to pick on Hanzo mains if you play with me. Hell, if someone does, I'll go Mercy intentionally just to support the snot out of the player the flaming asshat is picking on... Don't get mad, get even. Want some heals or a tank to walk you in?? Don't be a dick. Most of the community is pretty cool, but that 15% or so.... ughhhhh.

    One was so awful to me one day, I had a bad round, I apologized openly to the team before anyone said anything, "sorry guys, just didn't get into rhythm on that one" as soon as I said it this guy got on the mic to tell me how worthless I was and how I should off myself and such.... I could have ignored it and hit report but I said, "Hey bro, my neighbor killed himself not too long ago and my wife is sitting on the couch a few feet away after getting cancer cut out of her. I depend on this game to keep a little sanity, so you are not helping"... He disconnected and we lost but the other people on the server applauded me for standing up to him. Suicide jokes, never okay, my kid is 13, she plays online games, if I ever catch her telling someone to kill themselves I'll sell her Playstation and put it in her college fund. If she does not know better already, she will learn. We need to straighten these kids out a bit as reasonable grown ass gamers. It's good for them.