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January 16, 1975
Baltimore, MD
  • Re: Adventures in bourbon - Bottled in Bond

    It's always interesting to me when I look at whisky reviews and the proof it is bottled at makes some impression on the taster despite almost needing to add a couple drops of water to enjoy it. Personally, when a spirit gets past 80 proof or so, all I can taste is the burn of the alcohol unless I add water, some ice or a mixer. If you are drinking Wild Turkey 101 straight and tasting the "subtle vanilla notes, and caramel"... You have better taste buds than me, all I can taste is alcohol burn.

  • Re: Dear 3D TV: Piss off

    Just because something is beautiful does not mean it will sell. HDR is one of those fairly abstract concepts, it's hard to explain to someone, why they would want to upgrade a perfectly good working HDTV for it. I have a 1080P plasma, and I really, really like beautiful screens. I can't justify buying a 4K / HDR display. I just can't do it, and I know what I'm looking at and have a little bit of disposable income. HDR will gain traction just because it is a natural technical evolution, one that makes sense, but it's going to be several years before it is common.

    3D didn't because it is just silly. I promise you too, in home VR as we know it today, it's going to die. Nobody wants to wear their tech on their heads. That's the last sacred place on our body. We carry it everywhere, our pockets, our backpacks, our wrists, ordinary folks are going to want to preserve their face as organic. VR will fizzle for the same reason as 3D TV, you have to wear some silly shit on your head to enjoy the tech. Ain't nobody got time for that!!

  • Re: Star Wars Episode VIII discussion

  • Re: Now that I have income, help me mod my car

    Reminds me of my old Dodge Omni. I was riding along one day and the bottom just kinda fell out. Seriously, the frame, it just broke doing 40 MPH. It sounds funny now, wasn't at the time. Imagine driving along, in your first beater piece of garbage and suddenly BANG and immediate stop. Basically a shock spring shot out, pressed against the frame, compromised a bad weld and the bottom literally came out of the car on Route 1. Tow truck comes, I get it to the shop, find out the repair cost.... own a Nissan pick up and an auto loan a week later.

    I got $125 for parts. I had to negotiate for the extra $25. That's what a garbage pile it was. At the time, felt like a disaster, as my Dad says, this too shall pass.

  • Re: Star Wars Rogue One Discussion FULL OF SPOILERS SPOILER THREAD

    And stop picking on George Lucas or there is gonna be a bra> @Ilriyas said:


    On Vader's helmet: In all the original movies and even his brief appearance in the prequels you'll notice that the base/neck of the helmet falls under the cape, with the cape being joined with a chain. I don't know why but I think it was a costume oversight with the neck falling over the cape that they never caught. It looked off to me too but the overlapping neck part is the only thing I can recall.

    I think the variance in Vader's armor / cloak are intentional. That scene in the bacta tank, it's so cool. It reminds you when the black gear comes off, there is something underneath. Vader gets dressed like the rest of us, like a combat vet, he puts his legs one at a time, like Saw Gererra does. Rogue one is about the cost of war. It's never been more relevant a statement.

    Vader gets dressed, there is a man underneath there. I think the variance is intentional as a way to remind us of that.