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Cliff_Forster Icrontian


Baltimore, MD
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January 16, 1975
Baltimore, MD
  • Re: It is two months past Christmas, do you know where your NES Classic is?

    My brother found one for me finally. I paid him the $60 for it, and now I feel somewhat guilty because I'm finding out nuts are paying $350 for it on ebay because Nintendo just decided to up and discontinue the thing. I will say, it's a little piece of HDMI on HD magic. Old games don't always scale so well to higher resolutions. The emulation engineering is flawless. It's like you remember it but somehow better if that makes sense?

    Anyhow, I don't want to sell it but I did not want my Brother to miss a payday either. It's crazy how fanatical people get, I saw it as a very square deal for $60, but $350 you must be some kinda crazy gotta catch em all console collector or something?

  • Re: Mad Catz shuts down due to financial woes

    @Linc said:

    @Cliff_Forster said:
    Mad Catz sucked. That's why they are no more.

    That's the kind of epitaph you write for a company that folds in year 3, not year 28.

    Plenty of business ventures survive off the misinformed or just plain stupid. Airborne avoid a cold garbage, certified organic this or that, generic root beer, Scientology.... Grandma wants to save five bucks on the controller for little brother could sustain them for nearly three decades I suppose. The brand still sucked.

  • Re: Which Kong is King for you?

    @CB said:
    This time I'm the guy who has not seen any of these films. I don't get to be that guy very often. ;)

    The 1933 film is a marvel. It's almost like one of those STEM engineering tests where someone hands you a few straws, some rubber bands, and tongue depressors and says, build me the strongest tower except they made an incredible film.

    My favorite DVD commentary ever is from the original Richard Donner Superman where Donner sits down with his FX lead and talks all the technical stuff on how to make that stuff work in the 70's, for example the Sun about to blow at the beginning is just a 55 Gal drum of oil lit on fire and they do a neat trick with how they move the camera across it and slow the frames down and it looks like a star instead... Film making was so much harder then, now imagine it's 1933 and someone says, let's make a giant Gorilla Climb the Empire State building with a pretty girl in his hand... The incredible amount of technical creativity that had to require is mind blowing.

  • Re: Which Kong is King for you?

    I think the first film is a master class in imagination. They were so limited yet figured out a way to tell this huge story. Honestly without it, where would modern film be?

    I dig the Peter Jackson take as well, even Jack Black which seems to be the dig most people have on the film, I actually think he is one of the best things about it. He embraces that style, hamming it up like an actor from a previous era. It like every Peter Jackson film is too long though.

  • Re: An ode to the album format, and my top 11

    How did I leave off "Stop Making Sense"!

    It is so funny how a discussion like this makes you think about the music you love on the drive to and from work. I hear all this stuff on the radio and it's like, I LOVE THAT!!! But I don't always actively think about how much I love it. How sometimes we just take great music for granted.