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August 13, 1979
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  • Re: Oktoberfest 2016

    @CB said:
    Oh man. My German buddies have not been able to stop talking about Capt. Sonar since we saw it at Essen.

    CB just had to casually drop in the fact that he attended Essen.

  • Re: Civ V - "Aloha 'oe" [Complete]

    Congrats GH for winning this game. In the end the Garg-CJ alliance just didn't have enough to stop your culture. We are all buying your blue jeans and listening to your Aloha ʻOe tunes.

  • Re: MEET YOUR MATCH - competitive, ranked play comes to TF2

    So I've managed to play one competitive match and then spent 10 minutes waiting to find a second game. I finally found that second game and then right when it was about to start several people disconnected, so the game didn't start, so it was back to the searching screen for several more minutes. At that point I gave up. Hopefully things get better, but I was not impressed with my first foray into competitive mode.

  • Re: Your Expo Icrontic 2016 story

    Expo is probably the thing I look forward the most each and every year. I've been to every one except the one that was a week after I moved to Florida. As others have said, Icrontic has become more than just friends it's family. Expo has changed over the years for me as well. From schleping my 1000 pound CRT monitor and tower into the basement of the Cafe in 2004 to starting to bring a laptop, to this year where I only played one game (and that was on a Fettbacon's PC when I led my team to victory in Overwatch. :biggrin:)

    People look at me like I'm crazy sometimes when I mention that I vacation in Detroit every summer, but I wouldn't miss it for anything if I can help it. I seriously considered not coming this year due to my wife being forced out of her job and worrying about how were are going to pay for things, but she insisted that I go and talked to some friends to make sure I had most of my expenses covered in Detroit. I am so glad that I came because it was yet another week of hanging out with some of my oldest friends and not worrying about the other things in life that have been stressing me out.

    Saturday night just chilling and sitting around the table in the Mitey Worriers' Mead Hall until 4AM was the best night of the event for me. Several of us have been there from the beginning, but there were quite a few newbies or relative newbies, and we all fit together like we have known each other all our lives. We've gone from teenaged kids talking about Bible Music and Mantouch, to adults with families, careers and outside lives talking about work, life and Mantouch.

    I miss you guys already and can't wait until next year.

  • Re: Expo 2016: Made it Home

    I am home in Florida now. Is it time for Expo 2017 yet?