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September 4, 1995
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Aslan Wydock
  • Icrontic Minecraft Chainworld

    So, I have been wanting to do this for a while, figure now would be a good time. I intend to try to get an Icrontic chain world set up. A chain world is a challenge where one person starts a Minecraft world, they get one life in which to slay the Ender Dragon and then the Wither. After that they name a successor and pass the world to them, where they pick up until uch time as they die, any rules (which there will be to make it harder) or details will also be passed at this time, and I figured it would be fun to try it with Icrontic. I will start it off, I just need a list of people interested so I can name a successor. Successor will be named once I have a list, will E-Mail the world file with pertinent world details once I die. So whose in?

  • Shameless self promotion!

    I made a YouTube channel, it is gaming. The graphics are meh and YouTube butchered the audio back to where it was before I edited it but hey, as long as the content improves over time right? Regardless, here it is please give a like to help a guy get started.

  • Dragon's Lair the movie (IndieGoGo) campaign

    Don Bluth will be launching an Indiegogo campaign December 1st to turn Dragon's Lair into a 2d animated movie. The preview link is below campaign link to follow as soon as it's available.
    Please, help bring this animation legend back to the big screen.

  • Steampunk on the cheap

    Here in Indiana the con season kicks of in a few months, as well as a rather large steampunk event next month. As an individual who is rather in to steampunk, but also on a rather slim budget I am looking to cosplay steampunk but looking to do it without depleting my finances whilst still not looking like trash. So the question stands, how can I do this. Places I can get cheap bits and bobs, perhaps techniques to age existing clothing. Also noting that goggles will not be an issue, I wear glasses which would render goggles quite impractical.

  • Graduation!

    It has been a long 12 years, and I am glad to have spent the last 2 ish with Icrontic. There have been weeks my Junior and Senior years where all that made the day bareable was knowing that I could log on to IC Minecraft or TFTuesday on the rare moments when I could catch one, and just melt the day away with the craziest bunch of gamers I have ever been privilaged enough to know. Soon it is off to college, first Ivy Tech of Indianapolis then IUPUI via credit transfer. I look forward to the days to come and going into it with the Icrontic family.


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