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January 8, 1980
  • Re: Brotherhood of the traveling razor.

    @CannonFodder said:
    Question: how does one properly sanitize the razor?

    Depending upon what you have at your disposal, you can either soak it in a barbicide solution for about ten minutes, do the same thing with isopropyl alcohol, or put it in boiling water for 5-10 minutes. I feel compelled to say you must wait for it to cool down before touching it, should you use the third method.

  • Brotherhood of the traveling razor.

    The first DE razor that I ever purchased was a Merkur 23C "Long Handle Classic" and even though the razor has a great reputation, I've only achieved mediocre results with the razor. It's almost like there's a slight difference in how aggressively one side of the razor shaves vs. the other. Since I get consistently great shaves with my 1974 Gillette Superspeed, I've discontinued using the LHC almost altogether.

    Rather than let it waste away in my bathroom cabinet, I've decided to try something novel, and pass it around to my fellow Icrontians.

    My expectations are as follows:

    1. Shave with it for a while and remember your impressions.
    2. Sanitize it.
    3. Pass it on to the next Icrontian.
    4. Whoever has it in June make sure it appears at Expo, preferably with you.
    5. Everyone who used it and is at Expo meets up to share impressions.

    I call this the 'Brotherhood of the traveling razor.'

    Post "in" if you're interested in participating. Whoever is in first will receive it from me, freshly cleaned and sanitized with barbicide.

  • Re: Civ V - "Aloha 'oe" [Complete]

    It has begun.

  • Re: Getting ICHQ ready for Expo 2013

    Painting the brick white, giving Nicole a case of spray paint, and walking away.
    If you implement that plan, I recommend painting it white with Drylok. I used it on the weepy cinder block basement walls of my first house and it was like magic. This stuff kept the interior of the laundry room dry ever since.