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  • Re: Pokemon GO

    Ahhh maaaan

    Since I don't know anyone around here that plays, I hardly every raid unless I solo a Magikarp. On the way to work today, there was a Rayquaza raid I gambled on, and it turned out there was already a dozen people in the lobby, so I tagged along. But, I only get 6 balls to try to capture him with. Apparently, it's really hard to throw Pokeballs far enough when your hands and phone are really cold in below freezing wind. I whiffed on 5 out of 6 tries, and he escaped the 6th. sadtrombone

  • Re: Folding Milestones Achieved!

    Woo, finally made it! :fold:

    I haven't been able to fold with my home computers due to heat in the small room they're in, so it's taken me a while to hit this milestone. I've been relying on the web client on my work computer lately. Hopefully one day I can get them going again and get my top 10 spot back!

    Congrats to @BlueTattoo & @Colgere!

  • Re: Pokemon GO

    I've only been in Europe for two days, but the trip is basically complete now.


    @BobbyDigi said:
    Next Pokemon Go Community day is February 24th


    Dratini!!!! Holy Dragonites! if Dratini spawns like Pakachu did, that is going to be a good day!

    3 hour lures and 3x stardust from catches.


    This was happening while I was on the way to the airport, so I didn't have much time to catch dratini, but I did manage to get a shiny! It's only about 50% IVs, so the question is whether I use the candies I've got to turn it into a green dragon or I take one with better IVs into a more boring but stronger orangey one.

  • Re: AMD Raven Ridge

    I really wish there was an 8-core version with graphics. I wanted two GPUs in my latest build so I could give VFIO a shot, and had to get a micro-ATX board to get a second slot. If there was a beefier CPU APU, I could have done it with mini-ITX and had room in the case for better cooling.

    Still, I'm excited to see Zen + Vega in laptops. Been holding out on upgrading until I see a one with good build quality and solid Linux support.

  • Re: ICNY 2017

    So comfy


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