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  • Re: Icrontic. Web Garage (Post pics of your ride here)

    Super-necro update time

    Back in 2005, I bought a Jeep.

    Jeep in 2005

    Adventure Jeep was lots of fun when I lived out west. When my computer crashed for the umpteenth time in a day, I would take a break and drive it into the canyons. I took it 10,000 feet up Mt. Blanca, no problem. Then I almost got it stuck much closer to home:



    ...and all I got to show for it was a sweet scar from rescuing it and this Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

    I thought I would sell it before grad school. Instead, I kept it because making car payments while earning poverty wages is clearly the smart move. I rarely used the 4WD in the Midwest since we don't have much public land or terrain to speak of, but it came in handy every once in a while. My first winter in Ohio, we had an epic snowfall during Spring Break, and it was only Jeeps, snowmobiles, and dudes on skis on the road.



    I had bought an extended warranty back in 2005, fearing that it would break all the time, because Chrysler. It actually proved to be pretty reliable, and the only non-routine work it needed was a radiator, twice (but 10 years apart). In 11.5 years, I've only put 60,000 miles on it, which probably helped limit wear and tear.

    Yesterday, I sold it to a young lady that had been looking for a Jeep just like mine. Apparently, Jeeps really hold their value. I saw lots of people on Craigslist selling their Wranglers for 50% over book value. I listed mine at book value, and got considerable interest. I probably could have gotten more money for it, but it would have taken more time. I'm moving to New York City in a couple weeks, so it had to go now.

    Via con Dios, Adventure Jeep!



  • Re: Expo 2017 I made it home

    Made it home after trying to outsmart Indiana traffic and failing. May Poseidon claim I-94 for Lake Michigan.

    Miss you all dearly. You put the fun in funerals.

  • Re: 2017 Folding Awards at Expo

    Looking forward to seeing the awards this year! Sadly, I'll have to wait until 2018 for mine. I'd need 600k PPD to pull it out in time this year, and my peak was under 200k when I had everything working.

    Hoping to do a Ryzen and Vega upgrade later this year, then I'll have proper production :fold:

  • Re: Marche Du Nain Rouge 2017

    @RyanMM said:
    if there is interest in doing that in the evening (6-9pm) then I'd still like to put it on because the beers I was planning on doing need to be drank fresh.

    Very sorry to hear about the death in the family, but if you still do the tasting, I'd be down :heart:

  • Re: Oktoberfest 2016

    I have to cancel. Too many things to do. Such sad. :(