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  • Re: Civ V - Xenophobia [ongoing]

    @GHoosdum said:
    I can hit the infantry on my turn, but I doubt I can take out their battleships. I didn't realize they had the range upgrade, but that explains how they managed to take out all of my artillery without me being able to inflict even a scratch!

    If you can't take out the battleships, hit the privateers and ironclads with your subs. Besides being easier targets, they're also capable of capturing cities, but the battleships can't. If we loose all of our units but all they have are battleships, we're still OK. Plus, the battleships are owned by a different civ than the other ships, and none of those ships can see your subs unless they're next to them, so you should be able to take them out without much interference.

  • Re: I got bored and started folding

    Welcome to the team! What kind of GPU are you folding with?

    Your production isn't bad at all, and every WU folded is important! Once you show up in a stats refresh, you'll be on the team stats here. You'll be out-producing 8 or 9 other people on the team with about 35k PPD

    Edit: just found you on the list with your first few WUs. Don't forget to add your Folding username to your forum profile, and get that sweet cog icon in your post :fold:

  • Re: AMD Ryzen

    Just needed 6 more pins...

  • Re: "I'm not eating any porch bread!"

    Dang, everybody was on top of the avatar situation, but nobody made the important fix:

    @Sonorous said:
    I'm sure someone will rise to the occasion and solve the mystery. Kneadless to say, it's hilarious dough.

  • Re: AMD Ryzen

    @Thrax said:

    @Gargoyle said:
    I'm mad I forgot to buy AMD stock when it was like $3. AyyMD.

    If only Ryzen didn't have a PSP, I would be soooo happy.

    By this do you mean platform security processor, or am I missing something?

    Yup, that's the one. If it came with a Playstation Portable, I would be confused, but I'd take it.

    I get that the PSP allows some nice features, but I'd be happier without a black box that no one can prove isn't full of back doors. Some of the features it enables (like encrypted memory) are genuinely useful for cloud computing, but at home, that's more likely to prevent me from reverse-engineering programs or defeating DRM than it is to stop an external threat. I'm not here to rain on AMD's parade - I'm thrilled to see Ryzen putting Intel on notice - but I do wish there was an affordable, modern CPU without without ME/PSP/TrustZone.