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December 14, 1993
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Tim 'Ilriyas' Gamey
  • Re: What is Icrontic playing? May 2017

    I purchased Prey on release and beat it a couple days ago on Hard. That game is incredible, people are saying it's a spiritual successor to Half-Life 2 and Bioshock and that's accurate though I'd go further back and say it's a successor to the original System Shock games. (Which Bioshock claimed to be though I'd argue Prey 2017 does it better)

    The mechanics of the game are pretty solid insofar as weapons and the upgrade system, I've yet to try the "Typhon" abilities advertised (My first playthrough was almost wholly a pure human run) but they sound really neat from the descriptions and from what I gather of the game's core enemies the Typhon.

    Enemy variety is decent enough though there isn't much too differentiate them visually. On the audio side of things it's pretty stellar as far as combat, soundtrack and the environment goes but there are some issues as far as the character voices go. Not to say they're poorly done, far from it but if I had the option to hear everything over audio logs as opposed to in person I'd choose that in a heartbeat because the in person voices sound like they're speaking from far away, possibly through a fan. Whatever it is the in person voices feel distant and almost electronically distorted and it weirds me out.

    Altogether I'd give it an 8/10, 8.5-9 if not for the typical Bethesda bugs (Some which were just fairly frequent CTDs and others that were potentially game breaking)

  • Re: What is Icrontic playing? March 2017

    I've started playing Nioh and I'm still big into World of Warships but the only people who play that are my brother and father.

    My bro and I recently started a grand coop campaign in Total War Warhammer and we've modded it to a difficulty we enjoy so there's that.

    Been thinking about replaying/finishing Witcher 3 as I have the full game on PC but last time I played I stopped in Skellige after almost 100 hours so who knows.


  • Re: Andromeda

    @CB said:
    That character did not appear in that trailer I just watched.

    That's Commander Shepard from the original ME series.

    When the choice is between an emotionless robot and Jennifer Hale I'm going to choose Hale every single time.

    In Andromeda it's been made pretty clear that the two Human protags are siblings and are Dual Protagonists regardless of which one you choose.

    As with ME and DA my choices will fall on whichever VA has the better performance.

  • Re: John Wick 2!

    Prequel story would be fantastic.

  • Re: Must-Play DS/3DS Games

    Tharja best Waifu

    That's not how you spell Cordelia

    Shitposting aside I was a big fan of both the Phoenix Wright games and the Professor Layton games. They're less action and more courtroom drama/puzzle game respectively but they're very enjoyable.