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December 14, 1993
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  • Re: What is Icrontic playing? March 2017

    I've started playing Nioh and I'm still big into World of Warships but the only people who play that are my brother and father.

    My bro and I recently started a grand coop campaign in Total War Warhammer and we've modded it to a difficulty we enjoy so there's that.

    Been thinking about replaying/finishing Witcher 3 as I have the full game on PC but last time I played I stopped in Skellige after almost 100 hours so who knows.


  • Re: Andromeda

    @CB said:
    That character did not appear in that trailer I just watched.

    That's Commander Shepard from the original ME series.

    When the choice is between an emotionless robot and Jennifer Hale I'm going to choose Hale every single time.

    In Andromeda it's been made pretty clear that the two Human protags are siblings and are Dual Protagonists regardless of which one you choose.

    As with ME and DA my choices will fall on whichever VA has the better performance.

  • Re: John Wick 2!

    Prequel story would be fantastic.

  • Re: Must-Play DS/3DS Games

    Tharja best Waifu

    That's not how you spell Cordelia

    Shitposting aside I was a big fan of both the Phoenix Wright games and the Professor Layton games. They're less action and more courtroom drama/puzzle game respectively but they're very enjoyable.

  • Re: Battlefield 1

    I don't know if I can describe this in any way and give it justice but I think we just had our best Battlefield game ever bar none.

    Edward Squad on Iron Hills (Italian Operations) with @RyanFodder running assault and clutch demolitions, @TiberiusLazarus our mortar man/main support gunner, @UPSLynx sniper extraordinaire and myself, an erratic medic.

    First map, Mont Grappe we coordinated the hell out of the entire push, only failing the initial assault as we reached the fortress.

    The second map is where things got absolutely crazy, we stalled out after only the second Sector but with the last assault the entire team managed to force our way up a mountain and back down the other side into an Austrian Coastal fortification. As the match was coming to a close you could practically feel the tension as we made it through two whole sectors with a mere 16 reinforcement tickets remaining.

    Our confidence renewed after the disappointing second wave we soldiered on, the assault petering out all around us with little hope of victory. Something amazing occurred as we hit our last 5 tickets that I'd never seen before in these games. In most of my experience other players are quick to revive costing the team tickets in the attempt to get back in the action but something, some team-wide determination perhaps, found every single player waiting for medic revives and with a coordinated final strike on the fort we managed to take the final two points with a mere 1 ticket remaining.

    It was the closest, most intense match I've ever experienced and seeing our squad make the ranks as the top scoring unit (With yours truly as squad leader topping the leaderboards) made it that much sweeter.