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Ilriyas · The Syrupy Canadian · Icrontian


Toronto, Ontario
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December 14, 1993
Toronto, Ontario
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Tim 'Ilriyas' Gamey
  • The IC Comfy Trucker Comfy Truck-Off

    Euro Truck Simulator 2: The Comfiest damned game ever made. Well not anymore ladies and gentlemen that's right this is the IC Comfy Trucker Comfy Truck-Off and the name of the game is competition.


    What is it?

    Well I'm glad you asked, see ETS2 is all about driving your big-rig around Europe delivering heavy freight trailers ranging in anything from wheat to petrol.

    It's a pretty casual game, not a lot to get angry about just drive your truck listening to the radio a nice way to relax and have some fun.

    The purpose of the Truck-Off as mentioned is that of competition, we're going to see who's the best damned virtual trucker on IC.

    The Rules

    These are simple enough:
    Take the longest route you possibly can (For purpose of the competition you'll need at least long-haul rank 3) with the highest delivery value.
    The trailer HAS to be 'oversized' meaning more weight than your standard trailer, it makes up and down hill driving that much more fun.

    The winner will be the driver who accomplishes their delivery in the shortest time span, with the least amount of damages done

    You need to have your own truck: It's not fair if one participant owns their own big rig (And as such knows all the ins and outs of their vehicle) while another player has to deal with an NPC supplied un-upgraded rig

    I'll be driving my Kenworth W900L

    Reasons I'm glad to be Canadian:

    I make my friends laugh/happy simply by being a stereotype
    Six months out of the year I can enact my fantasy of being a snowman
    Tim Horton's is the single greatest breakfast/coffee franchise on the planet!
    I can go an hour outside of any city and encounter rolling farmlands and beautiful boreal forests
    Dark Maple Syrup is without a doubt the best sweetener in the world forget that Vermont Sugar Maple crap.
    Toronto is the place to go if you want to encounter multiculturalism at it's finest!
    Love hockey? You're welcome!
    We have a Queen she's a pretty awesome person
    Bowser and Blue, Bob and Doug
    Nowhere else can you have a 3 hour discussion about the weather

    Trains are cheap enough that I can actually afford to go and hang out with the greatest people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.

    Have a great day/Canada day, eh!

    (I'm sorry if my reasons come across as pushy or braggy)


    I've got 8 copies of DOTA 2 I'm pretty sure most of you guys have this already but I don't want them and I don't know what to do with them. If you don't have it and you don't want it take it anyways cause it's FREE!

    I also have a free copy of Starvoid, Natural Selection 2, Forge, Don't Starve, 2 copies of Nuclear Dawn, and 1 copy of the incredibly awesome Warhammer 40K Dawn of War II: Retribution.
  • Wilderzone Wednesdays Official Thread (Tribes Ascend)

    Welcome to Icrontic's official Tribes Ascend game planning/rules thread for those who don't know it Tribes Ascend is the fastest First Person Shooter on the planet

    Down to business:

    The Time: As agreed upon here Tribes Ascend games take place every Wednesday at 10pm EST

    The Rules:

    The basic rules follow the same guidelines we have set up for Icrontic's Team Fortress 2 server 1: Have Fun 2: Don't be a jerk naturally any and all Tribes communication occurs over vent so you have to be a member of the forums for this to be an issue, hence this is merely a formality.

    Unfortunately however there is a requirement that I have to implement to make sure that everyone can play together:

    You MUST be at least level 10

    The reason for this is that in the last patch Tribes Ascend introduced custom and official servers, official servers range from levels 1-10, levels 10-50, and levels 50-100 as an attempt to separate players of varying skill. This wouldn't be a problem were it not for the fact that

    1: Many custom servers have rules set in place that limit gameplay, and therefore game enjoyment
    2: Due to these rules custom servers don't receive the same enthusiasm from casual or even hardcore Tribes players as do the official servers, hence the standard population is always significantly below the average of official servers.
    3: Quick Play defaults to official servers, as this is the preferred method of finding a game (Especially with the recently implemented party system) custom servers don't receive new players unless there are individuals actively looking for them.

    I absolutely hate cutting out potential players but many of our dedicated members have been playing since BETA and the result is that they are all above level 10. The plus side to this however is that getting to level 10 takes very little time to achieve and it will give you a feel for the game before you begin playing with our regular members.

    Finally Tribes is an absolutely incredible game to play with friends, while I love it with all my heart its the ability to play it with other Icrontians that has kept me playing it for as long as I have, not to mention the reason why I was and am so enthusiastic about being the game coordinator. Every game is best played with friends, why not make it one that is as fun and ridiculous as Tribes Ascend.


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