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July 5, 1991
  • Re: Nier Automata (Now on sale!)

    I may or may not have ordered the soundtrack for this game from japan. My favorite game I've played in years.

  • Re: My journey in to the land of Linux

    I like Arch a lot, but it's not for everyone and I don't even use it any longer just not worth it. I use both Ubuntu and Fedora depending on what I am trying to do, both have a lot of support.

    Anyways for your command line learning here is a book.

    And How I feel working with Linux

  • Re: The Cosplay Babe/Dude thread

    So NieR:Automata is a game with a really attractive main character. It's also a game with a pretty good somewhat culty following.

    This Leads to a lot of really awesome Cosplay.

    Different cosplayer

    Helly Von Valentine

    Different and awesome by Disharmonica:

    A more gratuitous and edited but still pretty awesome one

    Squad goals. I hope to see more variety in the characters in the future! (like this)

    So yeah this is just a small taste. I still recommend the game a lot, I swear it's not all about booty. She is an android and weighs 328 pounds so...

  • Re: Prime's Ryzen build

    @drasnor said:
    I believe that mini ITX is the future. Micro ATX to ATX? Go small or go home. The siren song beckons; join us! I live in a Lian Li PC-Q08B.

    Ncase best case

  • Re: What is Icrontic playing? March 2017

    @BobbyDigi said:

    • @primesuspect is absolutely shit-tastically failing at Poly Bridge

    I love that it shows me your scores. #rekt


    I have one goal in that game. To beat your score.


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