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  • Re: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Plot armor.

  • Re: Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Oh thank god. I thought the voice modulator would be only on the power armor, but it sounds like it's on him even when he's in the regular Batman Suit. It seriously makes so much more sense that Batman has a modulator rather than the "Bat-Voice" that all the previous actors have used.

    Also, why does Batman's suit look like a T-shirt rather than armor?

  • Re: Overwatch

    I agree with you Brian, but Blizzard usually makes games to last. Look at how long the WoW community has thrived, people still play Diablo 2, Diablo 3 is now a playable game and they still have another expansion to go, the Starcraft Community has been around even longer than WoW. Hearthstone Heroes is the perfect 20 minute game, that people can take with them everywhere, and is usually second only to MOBA's in terms of most watched on twitch.

    Blizzard is a lot more controlling than Valve is, they're not going to "give up control" of an IP, but I think that they'll find a way to make this game last. Time will tell, and the best place to get a feel right now is on the Beta.

  • Re: 'Murican Football 2015

    I think it's honestly underappreciated how good the Maclin signing was for us. We now have another downfield target to distract the other team while we throw for 2 yards a play.

  • Re: Diablo 3: 2.3.0

    So a video from the PTR is out showing us a little more how the Kanai Cube will work.

    • First off we have to find it in the new area that we're getting with the patch.
    • Secondly it appears Zoltun Kulle makes a return as the Kanai Cube's artisan.
    • This video just shows the extraction and use of the passives from legendaries in the Kanai Cube; it's been noted, not in this video, that all passives collected from the Cube will roll their max values. I'm not sure how this would effect certain items that you would want the lowest value on such as Meticulous Bolts.
    • During the farming process shown in video the player killed Ghom, got the drops, then a chest appeared, and then the player still received the Horadric Cache. I don't know where that chest came from as it has never spawned after a Ghom kill before.
    • The cube provides you a list with every legendary affix your character class is capable of "equipping". Nice QoL
    • The legendary crafting materials you get at the end of act bounties can drop more than one, and appears to be based on difficulty how many drop.
    • The Cube has seven abilities as follows:

    1) Archive of Tal Rasha (Extract Legendary Power)

    • Legendary Item x1
    • Khanduran Rune x1 (Act 1 Bounty Crafting Material)
    • Caldeum Nightshade x1 (Act 2 Bounty Crafting Material)
    • Arreat War Tapestry x1 (Act 3 Bounty Crafting Material)
    • Corrupted Angel Flesh x1 (Act 4 Bounty Crafting Material)
    • Westmarch Holy Water x1 (Act 5 Bounty Crafting Material)
    • Death Breath x5

    2) Law of Kulle (Reforge Legendary Item)

    • Legendary Item
    • Khanduran Rune x5
    • Caldeum Nightshade x5
    • Arreat War Tapestry x5
    • Corrupted Angel Flesh x5
    • Westmarch Holy Water x5
    • Forgotten Soul x50

    3) Hope of Cain (Upgrade Rare Item)

    • Rare Equippable Level 70 Item
    • Death's Breath x25
    • Reusable Parts x50
    • Arcane Dust x50
    • Veiled Crystal x50

    4) Skill of Nilfur (Convert Set Item)

    • Set Item
    • Death's Breath x10
    • Forgotten Soul x10

    5) Work of Cathan (Remove Level Requirement)

    • Equippable Item
    • Rank 25+ Gem of Ease

    6) Darkness of Radament (Convert Gems)

    • Any Gem x9
    • Select the new gem type

    7) Anger of Iben Fahd (Convert Crafting Materials

    • White, Blue, or Yellow Crafting Material x100
    • Normal, Magic, or Rare Equippable Item
    • Death's Breath

    TL;DR Hnnnnnnnngggg


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