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  • Re: Team Icrontic vs Team Egg Roll - 2017 Folding Update

    Oh,wow! I hadn't checked team standings in quite a while. That would be fun, er, that WILL be fun to mow over Ars Technica. I'd like to echo what you wrote about K and Sonorous. They've been good leadership and a stabilizing factor for Team 93. Key people.

  • Re: Returning to Folding@Home in 2016

    I may be returning to Folding as well. I left in January 2014, as my folding equipment was not well suited for the work units at that time. I hope to be building a couple new rigs in the next few weeks, optimized for Folding. If I do return, it will be with Team 93.

  • I may return to Folding with Team 93; but first I need to pass on some 48-core workstations.

    As some of you may know, I left Folding@Home a year and a half ago due to my Folding systems not being efficient for Folding at that time. I had too much invested in them to just turnaround and build better optimized machines. It's been a great ride with BOINC with those systems, but that too is ending. Power here in Alaska is expensive (twice the national average where I live), and I just can't justify the cost anymore of 24-hour distributed computing. The good news is that I will finally be building new GPU-compute systems, optimized for Folding....Team 93, baby. That is, if I can unload some used monster workstations. :)

    If anyone's interested in 48-Core (real cores) AMD Magny Cours, overclocking ready, Linux loving beasts, please contact me. I have already traded one for some sought after parts, but I still have three for sale.

    Moderators, if I need to start a formal Trading Post thread, please let me know.



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