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June 19, 1983
Detroit, MI
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  • Re: Announcing Expo 2017!

    Today it hit me: this is the first spring in 6 years I haven't been desperately trying to fix something on the house every spare minute. I've been wondering why I was so organized this year. Man, this is like easy mode!

  • Unclogging your brain: adventures in work & adulting

    I had a really interesting experience today. It was a complete "oh, duh" moment that was months in the making and solved a bunch of issues, and the circumstances of it are worth recounting.

    A few months ago, one of our most experienced developers announced she was leaving. The R&D team had been rotating one of them being the primary support developer every two weeks, but as we hit a changing of the guard for this and other reasons I decided to take it over for a while myself and see if I could diagnose why the work was taking so much time / dragging us down so hard, and/or what could be done about it besides simply passing it off regularly so no one burnt out.

    From here, my job slowly morphed into a Dr. Seuss rhyme:

    so all we could do was to
    and we did not like it.
    not one little bit.

    I had a hundred things I wanted to work on, but this thing was weighing me down. And then a bunch of other similar stuff piled on, and it just killed my work buzz. I was getting cranky. But I still had no better idea how to handle it all without making things worse for the team. So I waited some more.

    This weekend I built a Magic deck, went to a game store with @dark_arches and played sealed deck all afternoon, listened to Irish music in a bar with Aaron, planned the schedule for Expo, and then Sunday night I got so excited about something I was working on for Icrontic I stayed up til 2am working on it. I haven't done that in a long damn time. My mind was drifting back to Icrontic stuff all this morning, and then my Nintendo Switch arrived at lunch and I spent a little time getting that set up.

    "OK, gotta really focus now", I thought as I turned back to the support queue. And that's when I realized what position we needed to hire next at work, and 15 minutes later I'd written a job description & proposal and bounced it off two other managers. It solves the problems, is a solid job in itself, and will make my life way better again. And, in retrospect, is perfectly obvious.

    Yet I could not see it until I unclogged my brain and got it fired up about something else entirely.

  • Expo 2017: Pre-Announcement / Get Hype

    What You Need To Know:

    • Read the 2017 Events & Accommodations discussion.
    • Tickets go on sale next week! They will be on sale for about 4 weeks, until June 8.
    • Tickets will be $99, but Expo communism is back! There will be 3 tiers this year (35 / 99 / 150) plus a "hero" tier (300). More details at signup.
    • Schedule will be very similar to last year in pacing, with some variations.
    • There will be NO FORUM SIGNUPS for events. All will be via Eventbrite registration.
    • Lots of miscellaneous improvements are being made.
    • Lots of fun things to announce in the next 2 weeks.


  • Re: Marche Du Nain Rouge 2017

    Just dropped off @cola for his journey back (with last-minute J Riddle & gin from Two James in hand) to his metal tube of death as @Gargoyle was finishing packing his bags. It was an unusually coordinated departure this morning - the last 5 all departed within a couple hours of each other.

    Everyone seemed to enjoy the lower-key event this year. Thanks everyone. :cheers:

  • Re: Cars you've owned throughout the years

    That was short.