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June 19, 1983
Detroit, MI
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  • Moving servers soon

    I've had a bit of a dustup with our hosting support, so we'll be having downtime in a month or two to move between providers (in addition to the blinks we had Sunday evening). I'll provide further update as we get close to that.

    My opinion was that if I'm paying $180/mo for a $80/mo-grade hardware setup, the support team had better be on-point and engage their brains when I file support tickets re: upgrading the platform once every two years since that's 100% of the extra value to me: not spending my weekends technically managing our server.

    Their position was... not that. :range:

    So I'll be dusting off my Linux skills and setting aside 2-3 weekends to move to a cheaper self-service option since that's what I'm basically doing anyway, and I'd rather get angry at a terminal window than a level-1 tech taking the piss for the hundredth time.


    @Tushon said:

    @Ryder said:
    Damn it! Foiled by the admin.


    I've been around long enough to see the ol' Goat properly riled, so I thought that was a good exit point. ;)

  • Re: SPOILERS HERE - StarWars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Post Viewing Extravaganza - SPOILERS HERE

    This article is up my alley: http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2017/12/18/the-last-jedi-a-mirror-slowly-cracking/

    The Last Jedi cares very much about your expectations.

    It’s just not going to meet them.

    You, a fan, have explicit ideas about what a Star Wars movie can and should do, and it’s going to use that against you.


    It’s a mess in the best way. Because in that mess, the patterns are lost, the expectations are destroyed, the tropes are broken and bent. For the first time in a long time, I had literally no idea what was going to happen, and that felt like madness in the best way.

    and finally:

    The challenge comes for the viewer is this:

    Do you need need your Star Wars to be comfort food?

    Personally, I'm at the point where all the meta commentary about whether this movie checks X number of boxes correctly for people is driving me crazy. I loved the shit out of this movie, and this article almost perfectly mirrors my thoughts about it.

    Burn it all down. It was brilliant.

  • Re: Vanilla t-shirts!

    Picked up:


    Still at ICHQ:

    @BobbyDigi Red XL
    @DontCallMeKelso Red L
    @CB Blue Uni XL
    @Kwitko Blue Uni XXL
    @GnomeQueen Blue V-Neck L
    @UPSLynx Red L
    @Gargoyle Red L
    @Sonorous Blue Uni L
    @AlexDeGruven Blue Uni XXL

    To be retrieved from Montreal next week:

    @Massalinie Blue V-Neck L
    @LeahVoice Blue Uni L
    @Tushon Blue Uni L // because stitches

  • Re: Sincere congratulations to Lincoln and Aaron!

    Thanks so much, everyone. I sincerely wish I could've invited every Icrontian, but I could never have afforded a venue that could accommodate that, nevermind the commensurate increase in Aaron's extended family to match. :) I appreciate the many long trips that were made for this, and hope the rest of you can visit us in 2018. We even have a proper guest room now! :biggrin:


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