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Detroit, MI
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June 19, 1983
Detroit, MI
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  • Got engaged

    Aaron and I took a 10-day trip to New Orleans in early February for the 5-year anniversary of our first date. We got engaged on the night of the anniversary (the 12th) on a quiet corner while wandering the streets of the French Quarter. We'd just left a long stint sitting with tall drinks at the bar in Port of Call, actually, and were on our way to Frenchman Street for some jazz.

    I'd proposed a few years ago but Aaron wasn't ready (something about the high chaos of my life? I don't know why he would think that...). This time it was Aaron that took an arrow to the knee. I'd actually gone out of my way the entire evening to signal that I wasn't planning anything at all, so it was quite a surprise. He made us engagement rings out of wood; mine is maple and locust, for the trees growing in our yard.

    We hope to get married in the fall if possible, in Detroit of course.

  • Marche Du Nain Rouge 2017

    St. Paddy's & Marche Du Nain Rouge
    23-26 March — 10th Annual #ICSP

    Boardgame & beer weekend with a costumed march thru Detroit on Sunday in the early afternoon. Bright colors (especially red) and ridiculous costumes are appreciated - we're trying to scare the Nain Rouge out of the city to start spring! To participate in the march, do not plan to leave the event before 5pm Sunday (as in, book your flight well after that).

    More on the Marche du Nain Rouge

    More about staying at the house

    Claim sleeping space in this discussion and either way let us know when you'll be in town. I have Thu/Fri & Mon off work.

    I wanna see some upped costume games this year! After attending a small Mardi Gras parade last week I have raised expectations. :digi:

  • Card collecting like an adult

    I've been collecting Magic: The Gathering cards since I started playing back in 1995. This very quickly developed into keeping 1 of each card in a binder, in 9-up page sleeves. On a shoestring budget, I was always on the lookout for a (free) slightly-nicer binder to keep my cards in. When my dad brought home a set of four 3" D-ring gray binders from work, it was a small windfall. I printed out the expansion symbols for the sets I was collecting on a piece of printer paper and slid it in the spines. This was Very Fancy.

    For the uninitiated, MTG releases (mostly) unique sets of cards, (usually) 140-350 cards each, (usually) 4 times a year. Each of these sets has a unique expansion symbol printed on each of its cards to distinguish its origin. They're often in "blocks" of 2-3 sets that are related.

    I mostly stopped playing/collecting when I left for college in 2002, picked the game back up briefly from 2009-2010, played sporadically at Icrontic events, and then started again a little over a year ago. When it came time to dust off the ol' Magic card sets, I wanted to be able to have them sitting out in the house somewhere without it looking like... well, a giant pile of Magic cards in school binders.

    Nerd stuff's gotta match the decor, man.

    Step 1 was to find some nice binders. After much searching, I found a 3-ring Barrister binder with optional sleeves. Spill- and dust-proofing the binders was high on my priority list, so I splurged on a set of these.

    Step 2 was to be able to identify what was in each binder. I wanted to put expansion symbols on them, but it had to be in a classy, fairly subtle way. These binders go in the pub, so writing on the spine in a silver Sharpie was way out of bounds. I considered custom vinyl stickers, but some of the symbols were far too detailed. Stencils seemed a poor choice for similar reasons.

    Eventually, I settled on clear adhesive-backed printer paper. Now it was down to finding and printing all those symbols. Fortunately I stumbled upon Keyrune, a new open source font of all the Magic: The Gathering symbols, hosted on GitHub. Now I was getting somewhere!

    After a test run on plain paper to gauge sizing, the first run on sticker paper.

    Trying out the first binder - all 3 sets in the Ice Age block, 1 per color area. Great success

    The 7 blocks of the pre-modern era of Magic.

    As I'm able to afford more binders and cards, this system is very easily expandable and looks classy as hell. Pretty happy with the outcome.

  • Icrontic 2017 Events & Accommodations

    Events 2017

    All events unless otherwise noted are at our headquarters (OK, home) in Detroit, Michigan and hosted by myself, @primesuspect and his wife @PinkInDetroit, and my boyfriend @Aaron.

    🍀 St. Paddy's & Marche Du Nain Rouge
    23-26 March — 10th Annual #ICSP

    Boardgame & beer weekend with a costumed march thru Detroit on Sunday in the early afternoon. Bright colors (especially red) and ridiculous costumes are appreciated - we're trying to scare the Nain Rouge out of the city to start spring! To participate in the march, do not plan to leave the event before 5pm Sunday (as in, book your flight well after that).

    ★ Icrontic (Messes With) Texas
    19-23 April — 3rd #ICTX

    Your hosts @Thrax and @HumerusMeg open their home to Icrontic. Thrax should probably edit this with a better description and details some day before then. //EDIT: Thrax will consider this.

    🍖 Memorial Day BBQ
    28 May (Yes, Sunday) — 6th

    Come join us for a long and lazy afternoon/evening to smoke a wide array of meats with us. Local friends join us for this 1-day event, but feel free to stay overnight because hey, you probably have Monday off anyway. Bring a side dish if you wish; all we have is pipin' hot meat and buns to slide it between.

    🎪 Expo Icrontic
    21-25 June — 14th Annual #EPIC

    Video games, boardgames, field trips, and food! This is the big one. We pack Wednesday night thru Saturday night with scheduled fun in Detroit, including a LAN party and new things to try every year. This is the only event we charge an admission fee to cover swag, rentals, materials, and the cost of running this website all year. We welcome friends & newcomers and typically see more than 60 guests. If you'd like to coordinate an event, please contact Linc by March.

    Guests may arrive as early as Sunday, 18 June for this event. Scheduled events begin with dinner on Wednesday, 21 June. Official kickoff is Thursday, 22 June at 3pm. Events run until midnight on Saturday, 24 June when we have our annual prizes and awards gathering. A full schedule will be available when tickets go on sale in May.

    🍺 Oktoberfest
    26-29 Oct — 11th Annual #ICOK

    Boardgame & beer weekend with a Halloween costume party on Saturday night. We have fairly organized lunch/dinners Thu-Sun except for Saturday when we order pizza to allow everyone time to change into their costumes. The costume party usually swells to over 40 guests.

    🎊 New Years
    29 Dec 2017 - 1 Jan 2018 — 10th Annual #ICNY

    Come celebrate the new year with your Icrontic buddies. We'll have champagne! This is the most low-key event of the year... well, before midnight, anyway.


    Start/end dates: Please clear arriving earlier or staying later than the listed dates with Linc or Brian.

    All events are BYOB. There are 2 side-by-side beverage fridges in the pub. The left is shared; the right is drink-only-yours (limit storing 2 at a time). Coolers available on request.

    Airport rides: Please coordinate a ride to & from the airport from other guests whenever possible. Please let Brian or Linc know if you haven't secured a ride by the day of your flight. No one in the house is waking up at 6am to take you, so you better have a plan if you book a crazy early flight. See also: Booking departures during the Marche du Nain Rouge. Nope, don't need it.

    Coffee is typically communal. Consider buying a pound or chipping in $5. If it's prior to noon and the kettle is empty, refill it using the small filtered tap and turn it on immediately.

    Parking: Detroit ordinance limits are 20' from a Yield sign, 15' from a crosswalk, and 10' from a fire hydrant. All of the above exist on our corner. When in doubt, ask us.

    Fire safety: Extinguishers at every floor of each staircase, including carriage house, plus at the back of the kitchen on the wall. Smoke detectors are wirelessly linked to all floors. Three-story escape ladder is on the neighbor's side of the attic.

    Showering at the house:

    • We provide towels. They are stacked just outside the bathroom.
    • Hang up your towel; not on furniture. Additional towel racks outside the bathroom.
    • Leave the hook by the shower free for clothing.
    • Please deposit towels down the laundry chute in the bathroom closet at the end of the event.
    • We have miscellaneous toiletries depending on what's been left in the house. Please ask for or find the "Guest" labelled bottles; don't just take the residents' soap.

    Sleeping in the house:

    Our spacious attic & basement often have room for sleeping; the spaces are unheated but usually quite reasonable aside from New Years. We have multiple mattresses, futons, cots, and padded tatami mats. You may also bring an inflatable mattress if there is room (typically we can only fit 2-3 per event). If you elect to crash on a sofa or Sumo bag, we request you still obtain and use sheets.

    • Reserve space before the event begins; include what nights you will need it.
    • If your plans change, please tell us.
    • Let us know if you'd like linens, a pillow and/or a blanket.
    • We insist you use a pillowcase (including on sofa pillows).
    • We insist you use a fitted sheet to cover your sleeping surface entirely.
    • Deposit linens down the laundry chute at the end of the event.
    • Please fold your blanket/comforter & leave it with your pillow on your bed.
    • Never walk on any sleeping surface, especially the tatami mats.
    • Beware of splinters from any un-carpeted area of the attic floor.

    Up early? Consider collecting cans, bottles, and glasses from around the house and rinsing them. If you want to help separate the recycling or use the dishwasher, ask a veteran for guidance.

    Headed to the store and want to know if we need anything? The house should always have 3 things: Toilet paper, paper towels, and 2% milk. If any of them is in short supply, we'd appreciate more. (We keep spare TP & paper towels in the linen closet on the second floor.)

    Spill or break something? It's cool, but please tell us immediately so we can help mitigate the damage.

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