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  • Expo 2018: Pre-Announcement

    It's that time of year when it's time to start talking about Expo!

    This is our 15th annual event, and it will be 20-24 June, 2018. We suggest getting into town the afternoon of Wed, June 20 or the morning of Thu, June 21. No events are scheduled past midnight on Sat, June 23. Please depart no later than Monday, June 25 unless you clear it with Lincoln.

    • Read about our accommodations available & event details.
    • I'll be reaching out to last year's coordinators to confirm they're interested in helping again.
    • We have a theme, and the logo is underway. :ninja:
    • We have two new featured events already planned. The schedule pace will be similar to last year.
    • We've already started receiving prizes for the prize table. If you have something you'd like to discuss contributing, reach out to Brian or I.
    • We're establishing an official code of conduct for events so that new folks know what to expect and who to talk to if they have a bad experience.
    • Tickets will go on sale in mid-May, slightly later than last year. They will be similarly structured & priced to last year.

    This is THE BEST event to invite a friend to Icrontic, so start telling folks about it NOW so they have time to make plans. Feel free to connect them with Brian or I.

    As ever, let us know if you have questions!

  • Icrontic Oktoberfest 2017 - the 11th ICOK

    Key points:

    • 26-29 October - remember to talk to Brian/Linc to come earlier or later.
    • Boardgame & beer weekend!
    • Halloween costume party is Saturday night.
    • Saturday we order pizza to allow everyone time to change into their costumes.
    • You should share pictures and narrations here. :) Attach the photos, don't hot link.
    • Read about the accommodations at ICHQ here.
    • Post travel arrangements / get an airport ride here.

    Honestly, you never know what'll happen at an ICOK. Dance party? Game tournament? 50-person costume ball? Gin quartet? Distillery tour? Rare beer sampling? And that's just stuff that's already happened.

  • Re: How to get started with Magic: The Gathering in 2017

    Addendum: Returning Player / Deep-End Strategy / How I Started

    If I remember correctly, I started playing Magic by buying a Fourth Edition gift box (2 of the old starter decks, which was roughly equivalent to 6 booster packs + extra lands) and maybe 4 packs of Chronicles ('m fuzzy on this but that sounds about right). So basically I began with 10 packs and basic lands, which is exactly what you get in a Bundle Pack. If you (and hopefully a friend!) already know/remember basic Magic and want to jump back into building a deck and skip that beginner rung, I think each picking up a Bundle Pack would be a delightful way of doing that. Basically you're playing sealed deck with some extra packs at that point, which is super fun.

    Constructed Tip: Start Small With Friends

    The key to enjoying yourself with a small collection is to ask your friends to play on an equal footing. That's why knowing the difference between Standard and Modern is important - if you show up with a new collection against a Modern deck, you'll get drubbed hard. Maybe ask your friend to build a deck from 10 packs instead of their normal card pool! Most folks would be happy to do that, I think, and they'd probably love narrating their decisions live to help you learn Limited formats. There's no one true way to play Magic in a casual setting, so communicate and find a balance that works for you and your friends.

  • How to get started with Magic: The Gathering in 2017

    Magic: The Gathering is nearly 25 years old and it can be a little intimidating to figure out where to begin. I'm going to walk you thru the basics of how you can buy cards and the different formats you can play, then end by making some recommendations based on what you want out of the game.


    Preconstructed deck

    They make some great decks that you can literally take out of the box and start playing with. The most popular of these is the "duel deck" series, with a new set annually. Duel Decks are just 2 decks designed to play well and fun together. You should be able to switch decks back and forth and the better player will very consistently win - they're very balanced.

    Boxed set

    Any thing with a defined cards list you receive in each package we call a "boxed set" and they're usually to supplement or build decks on your own. The most basic of boxed sets is the Deckbuilder's Toolkit which is a great resource for beginners who want to start blending their own strategies.

    Booster pack

    These are the heart of the game. 15 random cards from a given expansion set - 1 rare (or mythic rare in 1/8 packs), 3 uncommons, 10 commons, and 1 basic land. There's also a 16th "token" or ad card that won't have a regular back, and thus doesn't count as a Magic card. Expansion & Core sets come out 4 times a year total, typically with 150-300 cards each. That's a lot of cards! Trying to start playing this way on a budget would be very frustrating.



    Usually when you say "play Magic" folks assume you mean "constructed", or "I have a 60-card deck I made at home, let's play". In constructed, you can have up to 4 of any card that isn't a basic land and 60 cards is the minimum deck size. You can further subdivide this type of play into what card sets you're allowed to play with. For beginners, you only need to know TWO: "Standard" means anything printed in the last 2 years, and "Modern" means anything printed since July 2003 (this is when the card frames changed - anything older will look radically different to you). Stick to Standard - that encompasses anything you'll find in your local card store for MSRP ($4 packs).


    In this style, everyone plays a 100-card deck with no duplicates and starts with double life (40). The idea is that this is a bit more casual and lets you build up more complex combinations. This is a bad format for a beginner to attempt to deck build. Buy one of the excellent "Commander" preconstructed decks to join in; that is a no-brainer. (This is technically also a "Constructed" format but I'm breaking it out because it's so completely different from the normal mode of play).

    Sealed Deck & Booster Draft

    Called "limited" formats, a casual sealed game or draft are a tremendously good way for someone with a strong desire to grow in their Magic skills but not buy a ton of expensive cards. Sealed deck means you get 6 booster packs and as many basic lands as you want to build a 40-card deck. Drafting means you pick-and-pass cards from a booster pack; typically 6 or 8 people sit in a circle to do this, and open 3 packs a piece. You keep picking 1 card and passing the rest until there are no cards left, then make your deck and play a 3-round tournament.


    Now that we have a foundation to talk the same lingo, we can dig into what you want to get out of the game. Here are a few common scenarios:

    Boardgame dabbler

    "I like playing boardgames with a few friends or significant other occassionally. Can Magic work like this?" Yes, it can. Buy the Duel Decks or any other preconstructed deck that tickles your fancy. This is exactly what they're for - a fun game without investing time or money in the meta game.

    Casual budget deck builder

    "I wanna have fun building my own deck and start a collection, but don't wanna drop a bunch of money." That makes good sense - in fact, it would be a really bad idea to jump into Magic by looking up expensive deck lists and buying singles. That would suck the fun out of the game for me too.

    What you want is a Deckbuilder Toolkit (285 cards including 4 booster packs for under $20). When the next set comes out (4 a year), buy a Bundle Pack (10 booster packs, visual card guide & set storyline book, 2 deck boxes, and a life-tracking dice for $35). Getting a Bundle Pack is a super effective & practical way of toe dipping in the storyline of Magic's sets and getting enough new cards to try out the new set's mechanics.

    Competitive budget gamer

    "I don't wanna spend money unless I can have a fair, competitive experience today." I hear you! Get thee to a local card store and learn their sealed & draft schedules. Of these 2 formats, sealed is much easier format for a beginner because there is a whole meta game to a draft (keeping track of choices & figuring out what the folks on either side of you are choosing). That said, drafting is like getting to keep the "good parts" of lots of booster packs, so it can be super great for building up your card pool at home (you keep all cards after a draft or sealed - you typically pay to enter). These formats are great because you plunk down your $20 (or whatever it is) and have a great few hours of playing on a level (as in, no card investment advantage) playing field and walk away with a new addition to your card collection.

    Turn it up to 11

    "This all sounds great, but what's a responsible way to really dive in if I don't mind making this a line item in my monthly budget?" My current strategy is this: For each expansion set I pick up a $35 Bundle and $90 Booster Box (36 packs). I typically use most of the packs for doing sealed or draft at home to get maximum value, and the Bundle extras let me keep up with the storyline a bit. Magic also produces 1-2 supplemental products a year like a Masters (reprint) set or sets that target drafting or multiplayer specifically - I typically grab these too. All told, I budget $60 a month on average to pick up new cards.

    This strategy gives you at least 1 of most cards in a set (including a full playset (4) of each common and nearly a playset of each uncommon). This serves a lot of goals. It'll give you a nice pool to build multiple Standard Constructed decks, it gives you a few duplicate rares for trading (or doubling down on a deck strategy), and it'll also make for a nice Commander deck card pool eventually (tho I really do recommend buying the Commander products if you want to focus on that in the short term).

    What if we turned it to, like, 5?

    Split a booster box between you and a friend or two. 36 packs means it's easy to divvy up! Booster boxes are the most cost-effective way to buy cards so I highly recommend this approach. A Bundle and 1/3 box per expansion (4 annually, eschewing the extra stuff) brings you down to $22 per month. Suddenly this got real affordable, huh?


    What am I buying for next weekend?

    I hope this showed you a quick overview of Magic in 2017 and helped dispel the myth you need to spend your entire paycheck on Magic or plan decks all weekend if you want to have some serious fun with it. A lake is plenty deep if you wanna go diving, but there's more ways to enjoy it from the shallows & surface.

    What's your favorite strategy for introducing new folks to the game? Did you take my advice and wanna report back? Let me know!

  • Expo 2017 Event Confirmations

    Confirming folks who signed up for each of the following PRE-PAID events and extras:

    • Escape the Room
    • Dart Club
    • Pedal Pub
    • Malty Pass
    • Bagel Pass

    The Wine Tasting and Beer Tasting have their own discussions.

    Also confirming "IN" for these NOT-YET-PAID meals:

    • Gus's Chicken ($25)
    • Hygrade Deli ($15)

    Payment to BRIAN.

    Thursday we are eating at TRIZEST (Chinese) at 5pm. Please bring CASH.


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