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Furniture City, Michigan
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September 27, 1986
Furniture City, Michigan
  • Re: EPIC BREWING Co-op 2016

    Alright, here's our recipe then based on what I know about what BCBS is made of and what I thing will work well for yeast (seen as we don't have GI house stuff). Still working on the water.

    Preboild 1.094/22.5 brix Assumeing 10 gallons collected 2 gallons boil off.

  • EPIC BREWING Co-op 2016

    If you missed last year, check it out. We had a great brew day despite the rain and made what should be a great beer.

    If you're interested in learning how to make beer, while drinking beer, chime in here. If there is enough interest I'll plan on doing it.

    Again, the idea is everyone chips in some cash. You may or may not participate in all or some of the brewing demo (takes about 3-4 hours hence we start pretty early in the morning, day time TBD). If you donate to the co-op you will receive a special bottle of what we brew at EPIC 2017. I wont ship the bottles so if you cannot attend next year's Expo or meet up with me at some point, its up to you if you want to donate or not.

    It will be $15 dollars this year, a little more, but it ended up costing a bit more last year than I planned.

    There has been some discussion on last years thread about what to brew this year. It's not decided yet, but it will be a big beer seen as how it is aged for about a year. So, if you are a light lager person, probably not going to be for you.

    Again, you don't need to donate to participate in the brewing event. Feel free to drop in and check, it is a lot of watching and waiting for stuff to heat up, but I'll be explaining the process and interesting information along the way.

    I am going to try to produce at least 30 bottles (ended with a little less) this year, so the first thirty people get dibs. If in a few weeks they aren't all claimed I'll let folks claim a second. Due to the chaos of trying to manage payment I'm going to require payment through either Paypal or Google Wallet. Send to AndrewL.Conrad@Gmail.com for either.

    Thanks, looking forward to it.

    1. @AlexDeGruven $
    2. @Linc $
    3. @Aaron $
    4. @Gargoyle $
    5. @GHoosdum $
    6. @BobbyDigi $
    7. @Ryder $
    8. @UPSLynx $
    9. @Tushon $
    10. @GnomeQueen $
    11. @DeathJester $
    12. @MAGIC $
    13. @GHoosdum $
    14. @AlexDeGruven $
    15. @HumerusMeg $
    16. @Gargoyle $
    17. @Annes $
    18. @pragtastic $
    19. @BobbyDigi $
    20. @UPSKingpin $
    21. @DontCallMeKelso $
    22. @Jokke $
    23. @primesuspect $
    24. @RyanMM $
    25. @RyanMM $
    26. @Linc $
  • Icrontic Beer Traders

    We have a pretty good spread of folks across the country and several people close to some top notch Breweries. Post up what you're looking for, what you have access to.

    I'm in West Michigan, and get all the Founders, Vivant, Perrin, Oddside and GRBC beers. Try to get to the Darkhorse, Bells and Saugatucks when I can.
    Next big release in the Area will be KBS in March, Hazels Nuts in April.

    Stouts, Barley wines, Belgians, BBA stuff.
    If anyone is in Southwest Michigan and has access to Greenbush that would be sweet as they always do releases at lunch during the week and its really tough to get down there.
    Boulevard is putting out a Coconut version of their Imperial stout in February that I'd love to get a couple bottles of.

  • Rocket League

    Get it.

    Some of the most fun I've had with a multiplayer game since TF2.

  • EPIC BREWING Co-op 2015

    You may have seen our brewing demo on the schedule this year. https://epic2015.sched.org/

    I have done demos at Epic before but wanted to do something a little more special this year, and hopefully start a tradition.

    We are going to brew something big, so big it will be able to age for a year and be released at Epic 2016.

    This at Epic we will brew a Dark Belgian Strong Ale/Quad that will be aged in a Journeyman Distillery Whiskey Barrel for several months, then be bottled in a special Epic/Icrontic theme labeled bottle.

    So, seen as how sales of liqueur is illegal without a license I am offering everyone interested part ownership in this adventure. A $12 dollar donation to the Co-op gets you one of the very limited beers packaged in a 22oz bomber, and first dibs at participating in the 2016 event. $12 will cover all the material costs (fermentable, bottles, barrel, labels, etc). Any extra funds will be rolled into next years co-op beer.

    I will open this up to first come first served, there will only be 25 bottles. People attending this years EPIC get first dibs by June 6th, then anyone not attending that has the ability to pick up their bottle next year has until June 13, and finally if there are any bottle remaining anyone can claim a second bottle until the 20th.

    Bottles will be brought to and released at Epic 2016. I wont ship bottles, too much of a pain.

    For payment, I'd prefer google wallet, but will accept cash at Epic this year. You DO NOT need to participate in the Co-op beer to participate in the brewing demo. Google wallet address is andrewl.conrad(at)gmail.com