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Massalinie · O'Canada · Icrontian


Winnipeg, Canada
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November 12, 1989
Winnipeg, Canada
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  • Mass's Fantastic Ass...

    ...runs its first 10k!

    I'm participating in the Vancouver Sun Run this year as an actual runner - been training my butt off for fourteen weeks, from couch to 10k, and I'm finally ready. The race is this Sunday, April 23rd. Doing a last minute round of fundraising; hopefully some of you can toss in a few bucks.

    Remember, America bux are worth 1.4x more in Canada bux so your donation packs more punch than it feels to your wallet!

    I'm supporting Ronald McDonald House, a charity which provides a place to stay for families of children sent to hospitals far from home. This personally touched my family last year when my cousin's baby was born with a heart defect requiring surgery out here in Vancouver, they had to come all the way from Winnipeg and spent the first few weeks of his life here. All went well, baby is happy and healthy and a year old now :-)

    The other one is BC Cancer Care, pretty sure Cancer has effected all of us in some way; I have family battling it right now, friends with parents who are as well.

    Any support is appreciated! Thanks everyone <3



  • Re: Massalinie's march to 100 MILLION!

    Thank you guys :-) And thank you, Grace, you beautiful beastly machine.

  • Re: What are you listening to?

  • Re: What are you listening to?

  • Re: Pokemon GO

    @elyxandra said:

    I'm on Wind as well. It's been working alright for most of my journeys, but there seems to be a dead zone in the neighbourhood behind my condo where I lose connectivity. I would have had my jogger badge and a few more hatched eggs by now if it weren't for the dropped connection. :angry:

    My home city is not bad, I do okay walking my dog, catch some things get the Poke-stops fine. But I work an hour away in a different city where the Wind "border" if you will, crosses right through the street my office is on. In my office I get 4 bars 4G solid connection, at our front desk I get nothing. I get nothing on the street or the parking lot or anywhere up to the highway several blocks north of us. This is not new and hasn't really bothered me. Google maps will still work as long as I start it before I leave the office (lol) I have had no issues whatsoever with any other apps (except obviously in dead zones but those are pretty rare around here, my office is a weird exception; usually I at least get the "Roaming" regions). But for some reason even in like Stanley Park where I had (allegedly) 4bars of 4G, it just doesn't want to load. It struggles to load the game at all, often I get a map but no player data and no Pokemon seem to ever show up, I can see Pokestops but they often won't load either, although sometimes I get them anyway and they'll show up in my journal later. Restarting sometimes results in the app not starting at all.

    The struggle is real.