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Massalinie · O'Canada · Icrontian


Winnipeg, Canada
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November 12, 1989
Winnipeg, Canada
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  • Re: Mass's Fantastic Ass...

    Ass for a good cause. Man I shoulda tried this on Facebook maybe people woulda donated. XD

  • Re: Mass's Fantastic Ass...

    If I hit my donation goal I'll post a pic of my ass crossing the finish line

  • Re: Trying to be healthy

    I've got zero experience with weight loss, but I did recently jump on the fitness wagon. I started trying to regularly work out at 25 on a previous promise to myself but it was very hard to get anything to stick. So last year my company participated in the Vancouver Sun Run in April and I walked with a few of my coworkers. It was pretty fun, beautiful day, got to see the city, raised some money for charity, but this year for some reason I just decided I really wanted to challenge myself to run. I hated running. Like really hated it, I kept saying "I really don't know why i'm doing this" (I still don't know what compelled me). Yet I managed to drag a group of about a dozen or so coworkers into training three times a week with a couch-to-10k app I found. Others have sped up or slowed down at their own pace but I'm now nine weeks into a fourteen week program which has thoroughly kicked my ass many times over so far, but I feel absolutely amazing and now I love it. I look forward to it every day. Today I even hit a bit of a personal milestone - 5k without stopping and I am so pumped. I am now running four days a week, starting to cycle on weekends and thinking about what to do about my upper body; but the amazing difference is that now I actually WANT to do these things.

    So there are a couple of things I think helped; one was picking something which challenged me. In the past I tried work out programs but mostly they were boring and moved slowly and while I did feel stronger after a month, it just wasn't that compelling to continue. The running challenges me every day and I know every day that if I don't complete it, I probably won't be able to do the next one so I push myself to keep up. When I do make it, it's super inspiring. It also really helps to have that 10k end goal on April 23rd. I have to be ready then and I am very excited to see how well I do especially as it gets closer. I guess the moral is don't be scared away from something just because you're pretty sure you won't like it haha. Thirty day challenges are great for this; try something new for 30 days and if you don't like it, kick it and try something else. This provides you with lots of little challenges; just make it to that thirty days. Get creative with what you choose to try. I feel like martial arts would be a ton of fun, and you'll meet people too. Even if you don't find a thing to stick with right away, you're still getting active. Don't focus too much on getting the most effective workout for weight loss, instead try to find something you'll enjoy and the rest may come naturally. If not, you can always add in some other things to help move it along later down the line. I definitely want to work some upper body stuff in at some point but I'm not worried right now, I'm just enjoying myself and seeing how far I can go. One step at a time.

    The other thing is that I have a little support group of coworkers. I go around 11:30 in the morning and sometimes alone (there are also only two treadmills in our office gym) but we talk to each other every day about our progress, we share what we've learned from Googling and the experienced runners help out the new ones with tips and such. We give each other props for sticking with it and we pester when someone is skipping their sessions (though obviously only gently hehe). If you have a goal, and you have people to motivate you and share your progress with, I think you can find a way to get moving. Don't worry if it won't stick at first, it took me til 27yo to kick my own ass into working out. You have time, set challenges, enjoy the company and solidarity of friends and remember to enjoy life :-) If you're not happy, keeping active is a lot harder.

  • Re: Got engaged

    So happy for you guys!! Congratulations :-)

    Show us the rings!!

  • Re: Icrontic New Years' Eve 2016

    That time we were all singing in the pub and @GnomeQueen kept changing the song