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Chambersburg, PA
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January 16, 1985
Chambersburg, PA
I work at a PA State University.
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  • Re: Moving servers soon

    We've got quite a few AWS servers and they don't strike me as any more difficult than a "normal" server.

  • Re: SPOILERS HERE - StarWars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Post Viewing Extravaganza - SPOILERS HERE

    @Cliff_Forster said:
    Today I was trying to justify the idea that Luke nearly murdered someone in their sleep... Kinda like, well, Luke, I mean, he was Vader's kid, he kinda sorta couldn't help but suck a little bit, and I mean he mostly doesn't, unless it's this ENTIRE FUCKING MOVIE!!! Then I get angry again so I have a beer, because some light substance abuse during times of grief helps to numb myself a little so I can calm down and start thinking some more about how I'm going to reason and bargain with myself on loving this movie... I'll see it again, this time with my daughter and grandson. If they love it, that will be good enough for me to say fine... hey, what do I know, as long as the kids love it, I guess I can take one for the team.

    I think you're way too hung up on the idea of Luke being perfect/not having any darkness in him. Even his fights on the second death star showed his anger getting to him. He even admits he's ashamed that his natural instinct after seeing Ben being turned in that way was to try and strike him down. You can see it on his face during the 2nd cut scene after Rey confronts him. I like that Luke still has to battle, to this day, with his darker nature.

  • Re: SPOILERS HERE - StarWars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Post Viewing Extravaganza - SPOILERS HERE

    I was honestly completely thrilled with the movie. At no point did I sit there and think "man, I've been in this movie theater a long time", which is not something I can say about some of The Force Awakens. I've caught myself a few times while watching saying "Hmm, how much longer until X?"

    Unlike poor @Tushon I didn't have it ruined by others though. The light speed launch to destroy the dreadnought was 100% gasps and silence. The tension was palpable.

    I'm also really glad they decided Rey should be a nobody. Anakin was a nobody in the middle of nowhere, so the idea that someone else out there could just appear jives with me.

    Maybe its because of my exposure to the old expanded universe, but I have no problems with Leia using the force to do what she did. Not only that but we don't know how much training (if any) she received from Luke. Plus her natural ability and the ability of others in universe canon (Hey Clone Wars cartoon) to survive a vacuum in space, that was way less of an issue for me.

    Overall this one really hit all the buttons I wanted. It was exciting, it was funny, it was deep and emotional. Mark Hamill was absolutely brilliant and I could feel the absolute pain he was experiencing. I could feel his fear. I also thought that the scene with Yoda was a great addition to show Luke that he had lost his own way and begun focusing on things that didn't matter. I was on the edge of my seat wondering when he would show up and he showed up at absolutely the perfect time.

    I was also terrified they were going to pull the "Luke dies like Obi-Wan" card when he had that quote. I'm beyond relieved that they didn't. The last words he said were "See you around kid". It was perfect and the two suns scene was poetic.

    So much just hit the right buttons for me. I could keep going but I want to see it again later this weekend.

  • Re: Breaking the x86 instruction set: secret instructions on our hardware

    @drasnor said:
    Most of the stuff you use is right on top though so it's not something you really worry about.

    Regardless of what kind of tools you use, the key to avoiding problems is not letting bad or negligent people into your house and use your tools.

    While I definitely agree with the sentiment, in the context of security it can be pretty alarming that there are calls that are accessible that you don't know how they're supposed to work. This is mostly for security critical items and like you said protecting yourself against bad or negligent people is the big first step. Just not always easy.

  • Re: Nintendo Switch (formerly codenamed NX) and mobile gaming

    We found one in our local Target. Purchased immediately. I can't help but feel like Zelda and the form factor transitions alone have entirely changed the way I consume the games.


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