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I am the hatchet man, look over your shoulder
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  • Re: Music on vinyl

    I got the Scout 1.1 and was bad as I ordered a ZYX R-50 Bloom 2 MC to be set up on it upon arrival. Even i am saying ouch on this one. But I feel it will be worth it. All though I spent more than I wanted, this combination still comes in at less than the Classic I really wanted. And it will no doubt be a jump higher than what I have been listening to. Now to find out if my aging ears can tell the difference.

  • Re: Music on vinyl

    My Denon DP2000 bit the dust a couple weeks ago. So I just replaced it with a vintage factory sealed NIB Denon DP62L I found on fleabay. I will be moving the MC104 to it today. I also want to dive into a new TT. So far I want a VPI Classic but they are a little more than I am willing to pay. I am biting my nails on pulling the trigger on a used VPI Scout 1.1 that is a steal at 1500. That would give me a vintage decent DD and a modern high end belt drive as my JVC is getting tired.

  • Re: Music on vinyl

  • Re: Artistic or not?

    @primesuspect said:
    I think the "clutter" in this case adds to the ambience and immersion of the photos. I really get a sense of being there; the rumble, the smell, the crowd. You're definitely improving, Larry :)

    Some is good and adds as you say. But ordinary vehicles and the paid 'media' photogs really screw up a lot of shots. It just drives me crazy. Actually these are some of my best non cluttered pics yet. I played with elevation to achieve it here.

  • Re: Artistic or not?

    @Sonorous said:
    Not sure what it is about your photography of race cars, but you seem to be capable of capturing more color in your photos than I think I have ever seen. Colors really seem to pop out at me. Maybe it's in my head, but it doesn't seem typical of this subject matter. I would be curious to see how you could approach race photography with a macro lens or in that vein. Not that what you are doing is bad or you should do macro instead or anything, just curious what the potential is.

    Hmmm, I think my distain of dull race cars makes me push harder to get more color. I also have invested in some top end glass and try to use the light to as much of my advantage as I can. I also push a little but not a lot in post.

    BTW the first pic of the Mustang is as shot other than a minor trim job.