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  • Re: Let's talk about ASMR!

    I just rely on OMGWTFB. So now I just make sure the hotels I stay in have a bar. Schnockerd and snoozed works every time.

  • Re: I decided to do a thing ....and perhaps more.

    @edcentric said:
    The thinner spoke wheels on the smaller tires should looked balanced.
    Are you going for the 'high front end' ala Gasser look? Or are you going to put some rake into it?
    You are going to use a 5 or 6 spd trans so that you can road trip this right? Such as Power Tour.
    What comp ratio will you end up with (and what fuel)?
    What power are you expecting, 700hp? 750hp?

    Yes, the thinner spokes up front on the lower narrower tires up front and the deep heavier wheels on the massive rear tires is how I am going. Part of the plan is to incorporate the different rim diameters in the look and feel of the rake of the car. Since the wheel wells on the car are cut higher in the front than the rear I plan on matching the distance between the top edge of the rims front and rear by using the different rim diameters. They will be about 2 inches above the rims front and rear with a total rake of between 2 to 3 inches higher in the rear. So no gasser look. The front will be close to stock height with an overall slightly higher look.

    I have a 6 speed auto that is The same as last year's F150 and Mustang feeding 4.56 gears and 29 inch tall rear tires.

    The comp ratio is 11.2 and can run 89 octane and up thanks to the EFI on the engine. I plan on running 93 pump gas most of the time. The engine was dynoed and tuned 2 weeks ago with both 93 pump and 110 ULR. The results are 723hp/716lbf on 93 and 748/733 on 110 at the flywheel. The total weight of car components is now known @ 2764 lbs!!!

    Edited: I put in the wrong axle ratio and now corrected.

  • Re: I decided to do a thing ....and perhaps more.

    Since I now have some time on my hands I can post more details and pics.

    This is a pic from the shop a while ago showing the difference in the rear tubs. The left side is the new size and the right side is stock. Note the relationship of the trunk hinge as a constant for reference.

    This is the finished hood in initial primer. The scoops are fully functional and there is an airbox built into the hood that surrounds the air cleaner.

  • Re: Time for TKR

    @primesuspect said:

    Yes, the bumping and jarring can cause the Borg implant to loosen or shift out of place. I am working on coming to peace with the restrictions.

    On the other hand, it feels so good now. I think the trade off is worth it!

  • Re: I decided to do a thing ....and perhaps more.

    @d3k0y said:
    Just remember, it is the racing stripes that makes cars go fast.

    The only racing stripes I plan on, are the ones my passengers leave inside their pants.


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