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  • Re: Time for TKR

    Well, I went for my presurgery exam today and the doc asked what muscles in my thigh were bothering me when I brought it up again. He got this suspicious look on his face and sent me down the hall for a hip x-ray. Much to my surprise my hip is totally shot! So now the knee surgery is being replaced by a hip replacement. Then in 4 to 6 months he will do my knee. :-/ Right when I thought it was going to be not too bad I got hit with a double whammy.

  • Time for TKR

    For the past year I have been suffering with pain, pops and an increasingly difficult time walking. So I just started the ball rolling to have my right knee replaced through surgery. The MRI today showed that my right Tibia is basically mushrooming and getting weaker structurally. In addition the quads in my right thigh have become a mess since I have not been walking correctly. So now I am waiting for the surgeon to have it scheduled.

  • Re: Announcing Expo 2017!

    I use Google calendar also. And I also forgot everything. But it's OK, because I'm not going. :(


  • Re: Merry Christmas Icrontic

    Mele Kalikimaka. :cool:

  • Re: So, when did you find out you were an adult?

    @Levex said:
    Adulting is way less fun than being a kid. I'd take homework and chores over paying bills any day.

    And that thought was exactly what was my "ah ha" moment of realizing adulthood. It was kind of a weird melecolie kind of moment without the tears. It was actually the first time I had ever thought being a kid wasn't so bad. But I did also think that I wouldn't have the same opportunities and privileges as being an adult. In years prior I had done plenty of things and had more than my share of rites of passage to qualify to most people. Being able to vote was probably the first things that would make most feel like an adult. That was quickly followed by being drafted, which was then followed by making the decision to shoot back at those who were shooting at me. Then buying a house, starting a family and burying my parents never really made me feel like I was an adult on their own. To me everything just seemed to be another drop in the bucket of life's experiences. It is not to say that there have been times when I would have been happier to only concern myself with eating a big bowl of cereal and watching sci-fi movies than dealing with a sick child or scrounging up the cash to fix a broken furnace. I think for most who really do grow up it all just kind of happens without any realization or fanfare.


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