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I am the hatchet man, look over your shoulder
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  • Re: Android Auto vs Apple Carplay

    @Snarkasm said:
    Yeah, I love AA. It works, it's creepy, it charges my phone while displaying on my dash screen... it's swank. (The 2017 CR-V has a fucking baller tech package and I love it to death.)

    And @Cyclonite , I think Spotify has Waze integration now? Or something on my phone did. So if you have Spotify and use it through AA, you should get your Waze fix.

    As long as I can get AA I cannot see spending the extra money for nav. Google Maps do such a great job of it including traffic. And as an extra benefit I don't have to worry about someone using my navigation if the vehicle is stolen to then find and Rob my home as every thing i's stored on my phone and not in the car.

  • Re: Please Do Not Burn Your Eyes Out!!!

    @GHoosdum said:
    Am I reading that map wrong or did Metropolis Illinois move down to Kentucky?

    It might just look like that. I thought I placed it north of the river.

  • Android Auto vs Apple Carplay

    This is priceless!

  • Re: Short-Media.com: 6.2.03 - 6.2.07

    Good things are worth the wait.

  • Re: Building credit through gaming!

    Here is another thing to be careful of. Never apply for several lines of credit in a short period of time. This is referred to as number of inquiries and more than a few a year can hurt your rating. Because it shows that you are desperate to get credit and is in turn interpreted as needing credit as opposed to desiring credit. So if this application doesn't pan out you should wait 6 months or so to try another. I will tell you that Chase is a tougher bank to obtain initial credit from while Capitol One is much easier. Also, without credit history most rewards cards will try to tap you for an annual fee.

    I always set an alarm on my phone 10 days before a bill is due then generally pay it about 7 days before it is due on the cards site or app. I learned not to trust auto pay as has been mentioned sit happens and you are still held accountable.