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December 27, 1986
  • Re: Sincere congratulations to Lincoln and Aaron!

    Heck yes I'll sign in for this! Happy wedding, you guys! <3

  • Re: Holiday Raiding

    @Sazbean said:
    @Myrmidon why are you voting? Do you have a secret 110?

    You might have seen my alt, Maejah, running around.

    But in seriousness, I have legitimately no idea why I voted. I just kind of did it, and then I thought 'why did I do that? I'm not even... what?' and then I figured the 'no' votes were so far behind it didn't matter... so I figured I'd leave it a a shitty easter egg for someone to find.

    ionno. chalk it up to temporary insanity.

  • Re: Myrmidon's Mighty Mass of Merriment

    There you go, guys. I did it.

    My backlog is complete.

    I put off a game I was hyped out of my mind for FOUR YEARS, just so I could do this backlog. I'm not sure who I did this for. I don't think it was originally for me - why would I subject myself to Gravitron 2 willingly? - but I feel pretty damn accomplished.

    ...and not really sure what to do next. :/

  • Re: Myrmidon's Mighty Mass of Merriment

    @primesuspect said:
    I remember thinking KOTOR II didn't live up to the first.

    why would you tell me this.

    Also, just so you guys don't think I'm a grouchy old curmudgeon for no reason, I _do _always check out wikipedia's 'year in video gaming' article for the year that my subject matter came out - and then sometimes a couple years prior - to see just how much slack I need to give older games. I swear I'm not so short-sighted as to try and review these games against the modern scene. That's why I spent so much time on KOTOR's treatment of the Sith, for instance - we had plenty of deeper, more complex themes in games that came before KOTOR did - but had no real complaints against things like graphics or whatever.

    Just, y'know, so you don't think I'm shortsighted!

  • Re: Myrmidon's Mighty Mass of Merriment

    @BobbyDigi said:

    @RahnalH102 said:

    @Myrmidon said:
    Oh, also, looks like someone fixed the spoiler tags... except now they say 'show' and 'show,' and neither button 'shows.' At least, in chrome...

    I'm using Firefox, shows the same thing but when I click on it it links to an image of said spoiler tag.

    Pretty sure that's his screenshot. Scroll up a bit more to test.

    I verified issue in Chrome. Mobile seems to be working as intended (one button opens and closes text)

    I'll open a ticket for Linc when I get on my pc tonight.


    Already beat you to it, buddy. @primesuspect pointed me toward the git repo.


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