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December 17, 1984
I don't know how to not
  • Re: Civ V - Xenophobia [ongoing]

    Ps this game has been going on since I was in my 20s.

  • Re: Civ V - Xenophobia [ongoing]

    @CB said:
    It's okay. I'm not really a war-type player. I probably am screwing it up, since my first instinct is always MORE CULTURE AND SCIENCE, rather than MORE GUNS! I'm probably building a fucking Museum or something right now.

    Honestly if memory serves correctly you have a lot of guns. My gut tells me you need to delete some units and up your GPT for a while, then upgrade your muskets to rifles. Culture and science would be great. Any of us that can not build a navy shouldn't have more than a rough minimum number of units for barbarians or initial fight on a land invasion.

    Again, I haven't even looked at what you have been doing. Just assumed AI and therefore derp. I am sure you are making fine decisions and for the record I enjoy how you play CIV more than any other player.


  • Re: Civ V - Xenophobia [ongoing]

    If you don't start attacking, @CrazyJoe, we are not going to get any more oil than your 4 and that is once we have refrigeration (40 turns away!). They know about oil island and will kill it perhaps before it even starts if I don't get naval support.

    PLEASE start iron clad spamming and move your units. I swear if you are building anything other than an ironclad on your next turn I'm going to ragequit this game.

  • Re: How to diagnose a dishwasher

    @BlackHawk said:
    I'd be more concerned with being reimbursed. I don't think you have to mention anybody by name when speaking with corporate.

    That is true but the money involved is inconsequential. It's not worth my time to bugger up corporate, it was worth (at least to start) a 10 minute visit to the store when I needed to buy some wasp spray anyway. It ended up being an insulting waste of time though. I don't go around in a suit with a clean shaved face and angry old white man look because that isn't me. I showed up in a hoodie and jeans with a box of parts and some receipts and they assumed I was some shit trying to scam them. Or maybe that main person I was "talking" to had a bad day and took it out on me. Regardless of the actualities, I can't be arsed to do more. You get wronged in life, it is what it is and it isn't anything personal. I'll just never have an appliance installed by Lowes again.


  • Re: How to diagnose a dishwasher

    Dropped by Lowes today to see if I could get store credit for my costs. Brought all evidence, pictures, frayed/burned wire where the connection was bad, old jbox.

    They told me I installed it myself that way and that their installers don't connect the power on dishwashers. (Right, like any company would go "install a dishwasher" but not hook up the power for people). They wouldn't touch the wire and laughed at me as I was explaining it. I left shaking, I didn't even care about the money. Would have been fine just to be listened to.

    Lesson learned: Lowes is almost as bad as Steam. Don't shop at Steam. Don't shop at Lowes.


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