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I don't know how to not
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December 17, 1984
I don't know how to not
  • Re: Civ V - Xenophobia [ongoing]

    @CrazyJoe said:
    OK, I also voted for PirateNinja. Also, I hope we don't get boned with a complete lack of uranium like we have zero aluminum.

    Word. That's why I went central with my location in hopes to get critical resources. Worked for coal. Then the only oil tile we had ended up requiring great general trickery. Hopefully the uranium is plentiful. But without a navy to deliver the bombs, we can only use it for defense. This is a pretty fun and challenging game, hopefully the turn speed picks up a little.

  • Re: Avatar problem

    Modern image CDN deliver different images depending on your browser, dpi, and the GET requests header info to optimize for speed. This is a bug with gravatar most likely.

  • Re: Civ V - Iniquitous Impulses

    I guess that's it then. Good game everyone, I think I am going to retire from Civ now. I'm pretty well burned out on it.

  • Re: Hope you had a good 8-8-2015, fools

    I can't remember. Maybe I was here 15 years ago, fighting for my 8kha+. It's blurry. I love you IC.

  • Re: Civ V - Xenophobia [ongoing]

    K not sure if my opinion is good, BUT, @CB I looked at your situation now. @CrazyJoe is now building a bank out of fear of low gpt. CB, you have nearly 30 GPT.

    Joe: if you can, please return to ironclad spam and ask CB for 20GPT. If you need more later you can take your citizens out of production focus and put one or two on gold tiles (assuming you are in production focus as is).

    CB: If you keep your units on the shores like that they will just fire on them with their navy and get free XP/Admirals. I'd put them inward and out of enemy range.

    CB: If you can, build a trade route and send production to Joe. We need 1 ironclad per turn here.

    @Basil : same thing if you can send production to Rob. Meanwhile if you have nothing else to do I would start on artillery for Rob and your shores as the enemy navy will be here momentarily.

    @GHoosdum : your navy is toast, save your admiral and frigates if possible. Production focus citizens and use workers to build mines on those hills. we need 1 ironclad per turn.

    Me: GG is in the water bordering an enemy city state. If it survives, we will have oil in 2 turns and maybe we get out of this mess. Will have hong kong back on our payroll in 2 turns and a great scientist to uncover yum yum yummy submarines for us.

    Godspeed. team xeno. Everything I say with a grain of salt and your own knowledge of your situation.