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I don't know how to not
  • Re: Civ V - Xenophobia [ongoing]

    @Gargoyle I let them know. Steam support is absolutely the worst. Worse than Comcast. At least with Comcast you can reach resolution after banging your head against the wall for a few hours -- Steam is just impossible.

  • Re: IT'S TIME FOR LULS - Open Mic at Club Digi (Comedy Night)

    mother in law on m ic

  • Re: Civ V - Xenophobia [ongoing]

    Korea is continuing to pump out bombs, so I think they are loading a carrier / carriers before they attack.

    I'm not going to get the oil back any time soon.

    Friendly tip @CrazyJoe you can raze improved tiles that are not inside borders (use your rifleman to raze @GHoosdum s old tiles) and you will then have over 700 gold, hopefully enough to bolster your defenses with something useful. Don't let that gold go to waste, your city is yellow.

    Don't forget that zeros do not use oil. Good luck fallout friends.

  • Re: Civ V - Xenophobia [ongoing]

    I don't know where the carrier is, but Koreas nuke has left its mother city. It's weird typing this in 2017.

  • Re: Civ V - Xenophobia [ongoing]

    It's to the point where I am sacrificing land units in hopes that they use their battle ships to foolishly shoot my land units instead of @GHoosdum's city because focused battleships + the ironclad will kill it. They also positioned the worker unit in his harbor so that he can not build new ships. These are pretty sad times. Please get your uranium trades in with @CB asap. @CrazyJoe you're in a bad spot also. This is going to be close but I fear we don't have enough time to get our savior nukes in. 3 turns + 2-3 turns to build them. The siege will probably see our coastal cities dead before then.


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