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March 28, 1974
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  • Re: Ten MILLION points from Icrontic's best-looking gentleman

    HOLY COW... the current point system sure makes the points come quick. 10 Million... wow!

    As for the compliments on the beard... conditioner, gotta use good conditioner and brush it. ;)

  • Oscillating Neutrinos - Theorized No Longer

    If any of you thought Fermilab was done with headlines... Neutrinos are the most abundant but least understood partcle and they are flying through us every second. There are three "flavors" of Neutrinos and they are kind of weird and hard to detect in a scientific environment. So, build the detector underground to help filter out as much as you can... So, you see them now but these flavors don't make sense. The only consistent sources are the Sun and a supernova.

    In comes Fermilab... Fermilab can make them and detect them but why not shoot through the ground over 500 miles to a 50 feet tall x 50 feet wide x 200 feet long, 15,000+ ton detector in Ash River, Minnesota. Fermilab generates a world record, 521 kilowatt (soon to be 700 kilowatt) beam and sends it to the 300 ton near target located at Fermilab. The Neutrinos are detected as they slip by uninhibited towards the Ash River target 500 miles away. When they zip through the target, Fermilab can see if they changed... AND THEY DID.

    So, 200 muons (one flavor of neutrino) were detected at the near detector. If Neutrinos are stable (which is NOT the theory) then 200 muons should arrive at the far detector. But only 33 arrived. They changed...


    BTW, I helped setup their computing needs and remotely managed many of their computers during the construction...

  • Re: Expo 2013 Home Safe

    I tried to pre-register for EPIC 2014 and I couldn't... Am I doing something wrong? Can we do EPIC twice a year? Can I be put into a medical coma so time flies by and it is time for EPIC 2014? PLEEEEEEZZZZZEEEEE

    Work came crashing back and that is making me every more aware how much I love spending time with you all.
  • Re: How to grieve in an online world

    I've been a member of Icrontic since the first few days of it's creation. I have seen us grow in numbers, and grow to become more than just internet friends. Icrontic is a microcosm of the old fashion small town. We all know each other and care for each other. Our town's strength is in the diversity of it's members and the openness that envelops every member, young and old, new member or old time member.

    What Brian has written is something that I have struggled to describe to others. This piece, hopefully, gives you a small glimse to the depth of bond Icrontic members (Icronians)have with each other. Other than my wife, kids, a very few relatives, and a few friends, Icrontic is my closest and dearest family. I know I will always be welcome with open arms. I know that every life event I have shared is met with love and not judged.

    Losing someone like Spencer showed me, again, how Icrontic affects my life. Spencer was my friend. He and I shared several common interests and each year I learned more about him. Each year I look forward to learning more about him and other Icronians. But this year, this year I will not learn more about him. He has taught me one last thing on his way out... that love, friendship, and the bond between Icrontic is something special and not to be taken for granted. I will miss you... We are all better people just by knowing you.

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