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January 28, 1993
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  • Re: 10 Years Of TF2

    Would you look at that, a new official video and update!

    After a decade of dustbowls and gravel pits, it’s time to pack your snorkel, find your flip-flops, and endure a series of painful yellow fever vaccinations to your abdomen, because Team Fortress is heading to the tropics!

  • Re: 10 Years Of TF2

    Some of my favorites:

  • Re: Design Project: Favorite Legion Artifact and Appearance

    Well, a bit more then a year later and I got Digi's done.

    And here is an imgur album of it and it's smartphone counterpart, per Digi's request.
    Working on this one really got me wanting to play TF2 again. After putting a ton of time into playing Overwatch, I feel I can soundly say that it doesn't' scratch all the same itches as TF2 did and still can. Teamsize (since not enough seem interested in the custom lobbies), and MvM are probably the biggest cravings that come to mind.

    In regards to all of these wallpapers, when I initially started working on these a year ago, I did get some sketch work done and was making good progress on the Al'akir's Touch one for myself. Life got really busy shortly afterword. The more hindering matter is that for personal projects like this, I tend to have barely any gumption for anymore. There is no confidence in what I want to make. I can make stuff for others, or for a job just fine though. Makes it really hard to do practice sessions. I want to continue these though. I feel they'll help me get back in the swing of things as I go. Also with the Legion now on the way out, maybe more people will chime in on this thread now that they've had time to stew on what their favorite artifacts could be.

  • Re: Come play Gigantic with me

    I got to play in the alpha and it was pretty fun at the time (about a year and a half ago I think). I'm interested in seeing how it's changed and improved since then.

  • Re: Nintendo Switch (formerly codenamed NX) and mobile gaming

    What some people can do with this drawing feature man.

    Edit: For reference, the only functions in the drawing feature are 3 sizes of pixel perfect pencil and eraser, an undo/redo button, and a zoom function,.