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January 1, 1900
  • Re: RootWyrm's "Screw Valve's Mediocre Hardware" Thread

  • Re: What are you drinking?

  • Re: 12th Doctor to be revealed tommorrow, let the speculation begin!

    I'm gonna be over here, continuing to wave the Tennant flag.

    Just saying.
  • Re: Building a new computer with a budget. Need feedback/help

    MSI is fine - they're on my shortlist for a reason. But that specific board is not. G46, G65 and GD65V2 or GD80 are all fine since it's a 95W. If you plan to upgrade the CPU ever, it has to be a GD65 or GD80 - the G46 and G65 were never properly tested with the 125W+ CPUs and WILL fry.

    You must have 2x4GB or 2x8GB for that CPU. I'd recommend Mushkin or Kingston over Crucial - they're likely to be cheaper for better quality. Especially Mushkin.

    Skip the blue, get the Black. Should only be a few bucks more. Blue is fine for secondary or low performance RAID, always use Black for primary or high performance RAID when you can't use RE4's.

    Corsair CX series is basically little better than the $50 gutless wonders, at a much higher price. Go with a SeaSonic SSR-450RM - it's much higher quality and the same price.

    Screw the Asus DVD. $18 is still overpriced. Get a Samsung or Lite-On.
  • Re: Your take on Detroit

    First time I went up to Icrontic HQ, the old one, I ended up lost in Warren.

    I ended up lost in Warren on 8 Mile. Yes, that part of 8 Mile. In a shiny car with out of state plates. And you know what? I survived. Nobody pointed a gun at me, nobody shot at me, and I got the impression they were more annoyed by my presence than anything else.

    Out here in Cleveland? Yeah. If you accidentally end up on the wrong part of St. Clair, you will be shot at. Period. Likely robbed. If you are the wrong skin color, you are a literal target. It's so bad there that police regularly stop lost motorists and lead them OUT of the area. Out of necessity - especially if you have a halfway decent car. If you get noticed, you are pretty much going to get robbed or shot. How come the press isn't busy jacking off to that, and the blocks of squatters living in filth, dilapidated and failing infrastructure, and so on, in the ACTUAL poorest city in America. (Look it up. It's Cleveland.)

    When I went up to new ICHQ for the first time, I got lost in the "bad" part of Detroit residential proper. I was surrounded by collapsing, burned out husks of abandoned homes and businesses. But it wasn't frightening. Disturbing, sure - but not actually scary. Very much "here's a ton of horrible, horrible blight. It occurred because there is absolutely nobody left here." What made it disturbing was that there really was nobody. I was completely and utterly alone on a four lane boulevard. No cars, no pedestrians, just nothing. It was haunting as hell, but when I got to ICHQ, yeah. Entirely different town.
    Around the corner there's a brick duplex. I noticed something on the walls, and kind of groaned, figuring it was graffiti and I was in gang territory. Nope - kids were drawing things with sidewalk chalk. Sure, there's abandoned houses - but they weren't falling down or burned out. No worse than my suburb out here - actually a damn sight better as they'd at least made an effort to secure them. And the rest of the houses, people live in. They take pride in their homes. Next time you're at ICHQ, look at the kitty-corner brick house. Specifically look up at the gray parts. I want that house.
    While people are busy jacking off to ruin porn, the real Detroit? The parts people still live and work in? Really is a beautiful place.

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