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RyanMM Icrontian


Ferndale, MI
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October 18, 1981
Ferndale, MI
President, C! Tech Solutions
  • ICSP Beer Adventure

    So, free time is a bit stretched right now, so I won't be able to throw a formal tasting this time around. But, y'all are gonna be in town during the anniversary weekend for one of Michgan's best new breweries, Drafting Table, and they're having a bottle release and anniversary party on Saturday the 24th.

    It's a bit of a trek out to the burbs of Wixom, but I'm gonna be caravanning out there and planning to get in line around 9:30am-10am in hopes of getting some bottles of their beer in addition to getting to hit the taps when they open at noon. I'd love if I could bring some folks out there so you can experience some of this stuff yourselves. If you like BA stouts, these guys are putting out perhaps the best ones in Michigan right now, and a bunch will be on tap and 2 of them will be available at the bottle sale, and they're basically guaranteed to sell out of bottles before they open based on demand and expected morning lineup.

    I'd expect that we'd hang out for a few hours and then maybe head back towards Detroit around 3pm or so. Depending on what kind of delicious stuff is on tap at neighboring breweries Witch's Hat and Ascension, there may be the possibility of some brief stops to try some other things if everyone on board at the time is game.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  • Re: Icrontic Beer Traders

    I did a thing. These are not all my bottles, but I was not going to let my anger about not being able to buy 12oz bottles in the US be unproductive.

  • Re: Kuhnhenn Winter Solstice Release 2017

    @Linc said:
    @RyanMM Yeah, it sounds like we hitting the Clinton taproom on Saturday the 30th if you care to join.

    Would love to, that's the day I'll be hitting the opposite side of the metro area for another family thing.

    @Gargoyle said:
    I keep checking their site, and they're always sold out of stouts and barleywines.

    Icrontic sez: "hey they've got more stuff"
    Gargoyle checks
    All gone. :sad:

    I'm considering getting an Eisbock, though.

    The raspberry was very good this year. I would suggest trying the others on tap before committing to any bottles - all were good but they are pricey. At this point, I suspect the Eisbocks (except maybe the blackberry, which was the lowest number produced) will last for weeks.

  • Re: SPOILERS HERE - StarWars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi Post Viewing Extravaganza - SPOILERS HERE

    My predictions for the next movie:

    Phasma is alive. Definitely scarred.
    Snoke is super dead and irrelevant, hopefully.

    That's about all I can say at this point.

  • Re: Avengers : Infinity War

    @Canti said:
    I still haven't seen most of the Marvel films since Age of Ultron but this got me more hyped than Star Wars.

    You're missing out!

    Films since AoU:

    Ant-Man - Good!
    Civil War - Great
    Doctor Strange - Good!
    GotG2 - Great!
    Spider-man Homecoming - Great!
    Thor Ragnarok - Good-Great border

    IMHO of course.

    All of them better films than Age of Ultron, honestly.


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