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  • Re: The weird dream thread

    Today was an emotional morning. Here's what my mind put me through last night.

    My mentor was laid off, which for some reason caused my other coworker to quit because she got fed up. My boss kept getting more and more angry at me because I couldn't keep up with the workload. I got tired of getting blamed for not being able to output as much as three people so I quit to join the Star Wars rebellion. However, I didn't want to get in trouble or locked up (there was some connection to the company I can't remember) so I told them I was joining the imperials. On the way I ended up working for a landscaping company because their trailer was blocking the road, so I moved it with my truck then mowed a few lawns. When I got to where I was going it was now the Star Wars universe and no longer Iowaish. Also I'm suddenly BB8. There's all these huge droids with electric weapons trying to kill or capture me to get my data so I spend what seems like forever dodging them. I got tired of this so I decide I probably should go back to working at Pioneer. Everyone had been replaced as part of the layoffs, but since I had been there pre merger I had to train everyone in my building regardless of whether I knew anything about what they did. I woke up and to my relief it was all a dream. That was scary! Then it hit me that my mentor really did get laid off 2 weeks ago. Well, better get ready for work so I can get documentation together to train my replacement in 3 weeks.

  • Re: Team 93 back on a downward slide

    Well the A/C has been turned on, that means I'll be dropping out of the top 10 till fall. I'll keep pushing hard till I make my goal of 3 mil, then folding will need to be only while I'm at work.


    Congratulations to both of you.


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