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  • Expo 2015: Super Smash Bros. Tourney

    Aright ladies and gents, it's time to gather up and beat the living crap out of each other in a Super Smash Bros. Wii U Tournament! Nintendo did a pretty good job with the new Smash, improving on brawl by removing broken features as well as making the game generally faster paced and better balanced with more variety of everything, so it's just more fun.

    Since we have no group stages or anything to determine seeds, we will be generating a double elimination bracket randomly, so that everyone has a chance to play even if they get matched up poorly early on. I'll be using settings mostly from the more modern tournaments specifically designed around the new smash version, as they do a pretty good job of avoiding a frustrating loss from one mistake, while still getting rounds done fairly quickly, as we do have time constraints this being Expo and all.

    Game Settings: 2 Stock, 6 Minute Time Limit, Items Off, Equipment Off, Best of 3 (Best of 5 for semifinals/finals)
    Stage: Random Omega Stage

    For the first game of each match I'll have each player tell me their character separately so that neither player will know what the other is picking when picking theirs. After each game, the winner of the game will have the option to change their character, and the loser will then have the option after that.

    We will have several Wiimotes and gamecube adapters/controllers, but if you want to use your own controller (including Wavebirds or Wii U Pro Controllers which we don't have), you are highly encouraged to bring it (especially because we don't have enough gamecube controllers for 8 players, so you may not get one for random pickup games throughout expo if you don't bring one).

    I'll be doing a signup sheet at expo since smash is popular enough that lots of people that don't regularly check the forums may want to enter the tournament. If we have extra time we can consider a doubles tournament in a similar fashion, although this is pretty unlikely unless the participant pool is very small.

    Feel free to post comments/questions/concerns.


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