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May 27, 1986
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    I have some observations based on the last few days of playing Duos and Squad games.

    Outdoor areas with shade, trees and rocks are far better to conceal yourself in than buildings once you have some gear.

    Spend as little time as possible getting the essentials. Ideally you should find a rifle, ammo, optics, vest, backpack, helmet and some medical supplies. Once you have those items, looting further becomes an unnecessary risk. Not only do you risk enemies trapping you indoors, I find that extra looting can lead to poor time management and results in racing to the next zone with a poor travel plan.

    Avoid having to swim to the next zone at all costs.

    Dropping into major cities and points of interest is extremely risky, such as the military base or power plant.

    Avoiding conflict until the last few zones seems to be the way to go. There are less players to hone in on your location the longer you wait to engage in a firefight, though the play area is smaller.

    Vehicles are not necessarily a bad way to travel, but you have to be careful not to wreck, as well as expose you and your team too much traversing open ground.

    I recommend spending a little time reading up on how you can determine range via the optics and map, maybe we can add some of that information here for people to read and discuss. Knowing when a contact is too far away to engage early on will conserve ammo and keep you concealed.

    There are some other basics that should taken into consideration while playing a tactical game like this, but that's for another day. I'll edit this later to make it more easily read.

  • The State of NASA livestream.

    Today at 1:30pm eastern, NASA will broadcast their "State of NASA" event on NASATV live from Langley here in Virginia.

    Bonus. The company I work for as well as some other local teams are providing audio lighting and projection (me) for the event. If you tune in you can see what I do for a living!

    EDIT: Proper time now fixed.

  • I made a (musical) thing.

    So, backstory time. I was lost on YouTube, like we all often are, and I came across a terrible cover of Funkadelic's "Maggot Brain". If you haven't heard that song, check it out. Anyway, after a minor journey down the wonderful road Eddie Hazel created in my head, I launched Guitar Rig 5 and grabbed my guitar. I played around with a simple loop and an improvisational lead line over it. It's clumsy and poorly composed. Mainly because I don't ever record or write music, ever. The basics are there, but I just hit record and made this in one take without really knowing what I was trying to accomplish other than working on the tone of the amp models I was using. The tempo is off in some spots as well. Here it is. Enjoy. Feedback of all kinds is welcomed.

  • Re: Bitcoin / Litecoin mining, anyone doing it?

    I think the idea of a Bitcoin mine is cool, but I would rather dedicate my spare cycles to Folding. Just me though.

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