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  • Re: "Core Temp" - A program for accurate Core, Core 2 and K8 CPU temperature monitoring

    Version 1.11 - 4th November, 2017

    • New: Support for AMD EPYC (Naples) processors, Stoney Ridge APUs.
    • New: Multiple processor group support. Fixes detection of CPUs on multi-socket systems with more than a total of 64 threads.
    • New: Support for Intel Coffee Lake, Denverton, Gemini Lake.
    • New: Support for Intel Xeon Phi (untested).

    • Fix: AMD processor or core recognition issues on multiple generations.

    • Fix: Some AMD processors reported incorrect Max temperatures when other hardware monitoring utilities are used.
    • Fix: Power detection on multiprocessor Intel machines.
    • Fix: Correct topology information on high-end, high-core systems.
    • Fix: Check for updates on older operating systems.
    • Fix: Settings window Tab control background when themes are disabled in Windows.
    • Fix: L1 Instruction cache was reported as L1 Unified cache on most processors.
    • Fix: L2 cache was incorrectly reported on newer VIA processors.
    • Fix: Multiple other VIA related improvements and fixes.

    Hi guys,
    Just wanted to let everyone know that a lot of work has gone into this version, mostly internal restructuring/refactoring/fixing/tweaking etc.
    I made sure test this version as thoroughly as I could, especially on different AMD systems, considering the issues the last release has had.
    I Hope that this release works well for everyone, and would appreciate feedback if something looks wrong or broken to you.

  • Re: "Core Temp" - A program for accurate Core, Core 2 and K8 CPU temperature monitoring

    Hi guys,
    I thought I'd update this thread, as I just released a new version tonight.
    At this time the only changes are bug fixes and support for the newest currently available processors.
    The main issue many people have had in Win8/8.1/10 with the system hanging or crashing when you start Core Temp has been fixed.
    One note, don't use the 'on the fly FSB detection' option on these OSes with this version, as it can still be problematic after long durations, but in general the problem is fixed.
    All 3rd party stuff was removed from the installer and it is now 100% clean.
    It was mostly personal reasons for why there was such a huge delay between the last 'official release' and this new one. I simply couldn't find time to work on it properly until now.
    Hopefully from now on, I will be able to devote considerably more time to improving, fixing and adding features to Core Temp.
    I'm open to feedback and welcome it, so please let me know if you encounter any problems with this version or have requests or suggestions for future releases.

    • Arthur

    Version 1.0 RC8 - 21st February, 2016

    • New: Added support for all current Intel and AMD processors.

    • Fix: System lock up/crash in Windows 8/10.

    • Fix: BSOD on AMD Trinity and Richland APUs.
    • Fix: Temperature on Trinity/Richland APUs.
    • Fix: Incorrect bus frequency in Windows 8/10.
    • Fix: Corrected VID for newer AMD processors.
    • Fix: Corrected detection of certain Xeon processors.
    • Fix: Multiple other bugs corrected.

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