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  • Re: Prime's Ryzen build

    Been testing RAM for a better part of 7 days 24/7 with a Ryzen 1700 and a Crosshair, the same board as Brian have. So far, Samsung B-Die based ram is second to none if you go 8GB per stick. They easily do 3200 @ 14-14-14-14 latency and 12-12-12-12 latency with a little bit of extra juice.

    The difference between 2400 at cas 18 and 3200 at cas 14 is amazing in many games. Remember you are not only raising the memory frequency, you are lowering the one bit of achilles heel Ryzen has (or had i should say), the Fabric interconnect.

    Any 8GB sticks that are sold as 3200 cas 15 should be B-Die. To be safe, go with the 3600 rated kits, they are 100% B-Die. The problem with this is that G.Skill have vacumed the whole market of these IC's and off course is goughing the price up.

    There are some decently priced kits around:

    The best kit you can get is this:
    3600 speed at cas 15. These are the best binned sticks out there.

    I have also tried one el-cheapo Corsair 3000 kit (currently in this PC) and while it is totally fine at 2666 and 2933, Ryzen mainboards generally doesn't like to boot to 3200 speeds unless you have B-Die. The Corsair 3000 is Hynix M-Die. Just remember to set cas latency to an even number no matter what ram you use.

  • Re: Imperator Mar'Gok tips from Reddit

    Adds on Imperator is just as important as the weapon om Garrosh. People doesn't die from it, it can be healed through most of the time, but it costs so much mana for the healers that when you REALLY need the mana in the last phase, there isn't any juice left. Thats why many guilds have stacked 10 healers on that fights. However, i do think Blizzard have added an enrage timer so you can't cheese it anymore. Practice add and mines. When you can go past phase 2 without anyone in the mine and adds are killed very fast, you will have healers with mana left for the last phase.


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