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Detroit, MI
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June 3, 1999
Detroit, MI
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Kyle Ambrozy
  • Re: Now that I have income, help me mod my car

    Lol college is for nerds no thanks

  • Re: Kerbal Space Program

    Sometimes when you're just too good at KSP you goof around. Made a Motorcycle Glider

  • Re: Kerbal Space Program

    So, sit back and relax, 'cause boy do I have a story for you.... [Only one of my screen shots got uploaded to Steam for some reason, so sorry for lack of image].

    As a noob, many things in KSP are a challenge. The furthest I'd ever been on career mode was the arctic. (This is from another career mode)
    One, very restless night, I decided I'd set my goals high. I'd gotten a lot of parts on previous excursions, and I thought I was ready for something big.
    "Tonight," I said to myself,"I'm going to the Mun".
    I designed and built what seemed to me a flawless rocket. I launched and plowed through the atmosphere, making all other rockets seem like junk. I set my orbits, and got myself into the Mun's sphere of influence. It grabbed me, and slowly pulled me towards it. I lowered myself onto it's dull surface. Only, It was pitch black. I started to panic, and mind you, my rocket had lights. Except that their light only hit the lander. Where was the ground? As I neared the ground, rocks flitted past my eyes, so I blasted my engines, launching me higher than intended. Then, as I fell, my rocket hit the ground. It tumbled over, condemning my poor Kerbal, my poor... JEB. That's right, my rocket carried the most important Kerbal in Kerbal-Kind. I had to do something, and fast. I hurried to the VAB and made another rocket, Hermes IV. This rocket was a satellite with a compartment below to house my precious Jeb. I launched it, made an orbit, and prepared to land on the Mun. As I neared the surface, I realised my fuel was running low. This isn't good... I made a near perfect landing, except guess what? It tilted over. But alas, with a sleight of the finger, I propped it back up! The problem? Jeb was 5 kilometers away. I switched over to him, and started walking, up a treacherous mountain.
    As I reached the top, with @primesuspect and @CannonFodder watching, I began to tumble down the slope. Poor Jeb bounced and flew closer to the rescue rocket, with the gang laughing behind the screen. Soon, with Jeb still flailing, I noticed glinting not too far away... The rescue rocket! Jeb stopped his tumbling, and I used my EVA fuel to hover him over to it.
    (Here is Jeb and Hermes IV).
    He got in, and began the launch. He made an orbit, and extended it. My fuel was dangerously low. Suddenly, while I was in map mode, the orbit stopped, and with it, my finally hope of seeing Kerbin. But something made me continue on. I launched a new rocket, Hermes IV.2 of the same design, only with more fuel. I made an orbit around the Mun and waited until I reached it. The only catch? I'd never done a rendezvous. I matched the orbits, and made Hermes IV.2 slow itself to make the two rockets virtually stand still. Suddenly, Hermes IV launched past me! I switched over to it and quickly eject Jeb. Now, he is alone in Space. He floats, peacefully, blissfully... But I jumped into action. Using the rest of my EVA fuel, I ungracefully flew him to Hermes IV.2. He got in, and flew away, leaving Hermes IV as monument to my noobiness. He extended the orbit onto Kerbin, and landed on its green, grassy surface. Jeb is safe!

    And, I only got 20 science.

    Thank you @CannonFodder for guiding me through all the steps of rescuing my Kerbal. I learned many-a valuable lesson that night.
  • Re: The Starbound Thread

    I have rainbow cape. Guys. Best planet
  • Re: The Starbound Thread

    Mine just got done installing! Oh god, I'm never leaving my house

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