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June 3, 1999
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Kyle Ambrozy
  • Re: Cars you've owned throughout the years

    See, I don't think I'm allowed to complain about my cars anymore seeing as I've gone from hell to seemingly heaven. The two major complaints I have about it are its' gas-guzzling tendencies, and how extremely common it is. Everywhere I look I'll find ten, and half of them are white like mine. I'm going to take measures to stand apart from the crowd, like I did with the Geo. I already have black rims, mine has the dinky little spoiler, I'm planning on doing custom decals and the like. And, as with my other cars, I'm looking at upgrades under the hood. Already this car is more powerful than my last two combined, but again, I want to stand apart. That's one of the reasons i bought my doomed Celica.

  • Re: Cars you've owned throughout the years

    @AlexDeGruven said:
    You're going through them pretty quickly. Might want to pace yourself.

    Oh trust me, this was not the plan

  • Re: So, when did you find out you were an adult?

    Now, I won't say I'm an adult in any aspect, because I'm certainly not, but what really hit me is that my whole first paycheck will be going straight to car insurance. Boo

  • Re: Now that I have income, help me mod my car

    Lol college is for nerds no thanks

  • Re: Kerbal Space Program

    I'm back again, being crazy in 1.0 with some serious stuff. Today, I attempted the "impossible"; a SETM (Single Engine To Mun). I had a contract to use the "Mammoth" engine in Munar orbit, but how to get it there? This is the biggest engine in the game! I had a spark, and then put it in the game. You'll notice my rocket has no necessities, like batteries, solar panels, or SAS because I didn't actually think this would work. It totally did, so Enjoy!

    (FYI, this is all stock, except for Kerbal Engineer, which just helped me calculate Delta V)

    This is the Bad Boy, SETM. It uses asparagus in the middle part.

    Since I didn't expect this to work at all, I didn't take many photos until I realised it DID work. This is SETM at its destination! Here, you can also see the inside.

    After my main contract was complete, I thought to myself, "Who wants space-debris? Let's go home!"

    So I did.

    I still had about 900 units of fuel before SETM burnt up in the atmosphere. This rocket had no problem going up, and was (surprisingly) very stable! only annoyance was waiting for it to rotate. A+ Rocket design and Flight skills


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