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  • Re: Macbook Pro 13" Late 2016 external video support

    2x 4096x2160 = 17.7 megapixels
    5120x2880 = 5K = 14.74 megapixels
    4096x2160 = 4K = 8.85 megapixels
    2560x1440 = 2K = 3.69 megapixels
    1920x1200 = 1K = 2.30 megapixels

    Since it can handle 2x 4K monitors @ 60Hz, what's really being said, here, is that this port has enough bandwidth to handle 17.7 megapixels at 60 updates/sec (60Hz). Or half the megapixels (8.85mp/4K) at double the update rate (120Hz). And so on. Provided the (megapixels * the update rate) is lower than (17.7 mil. * 60), the port has enough bandwidth to handle it. (Aside: megapixels*rate = mpix/sec). That said, there's probably some other hardware limit that caps the maximum number of displays to 3 or 4.

    And provided Apple made the correct splitter, should be no issue to handle 1x4K + 2x1K. That's only 285 mpix/sec out of the 1062/sec that can be handled.

    However it is likely that all three displays will need to be DisplayPort for maximum compatibility and reliability. DVI and HDMI use outdated signaling techniques that are difficult to handle in large numbers.

  • The WoW Mythic+ FAQ

    What is Mythic+?

    Mythic+ is new a new dungeon difficulty unveiled for Legion. It starts as Mythic Level 2 (example), which is a little harder than ordinary Mythics are now (+9% health+dmg from enemies). The twist is that your group is put on a timer, and beating that timer upgrades your Keystone. Upgrading the Keystone will again increase health+dmg of bosses and add special abilities at later Mythic levels. No loot is awarded from individual bosses in Mythic+; your loot comes from chest(s) at the end of the run.

    How do I get a Keystone I enter a Mythic+?

    If you don't already have one: completing your first regular Mythic for the week, you will receive a Mythic+ Keystone from the final boss. Each Keystone will be for a random dungeon and start at Mythic Level 2. There's a small vessel at the start of every dungeon that will accept a keystone for that dungeon to activate Mythic+ mode. Your Keystone will tell you what dungeon it's for. Read on to find out how you can get a Keystone without running a regular Mythic first. :)

    How long is the dungeon timer?

    It varies by dungeon. About 30-45 minutes, though.

    What happens if we beat the timer?

    The person who initiated the Mythic+ will receive a +1 upgrade to their Keystone. Your group will get a guaranteed two pieces of loot at the end of the dungeon that is better than Mythic, from ilvl 845 all the way up to ilvl 880 at higher Mythic+ levels. The chest is personal loot, so it will respect your class/spec, but the chest will only reward two pieces total to the group. Good luck! :) NOTE: The Mythic+ Keystone will be upgraded to a new level for another randomly-selected dungeon. You won't have to run the same dungeon over and over.

    What happens if we fail the timer?

    Your group will still get the loot from the chest at the end of the dungeon, however the person that initiated the Mythic+ will deplete their Keystone. That keystone cannot be used for a loot-giving run again until it is recharged. How to recharge: run the depleted Keystone's dungeon again and beat the timer. No loot is awarded during a recharge run.

    What if we really beat the timer?

    If your group is rockin' good and you beat the timer by 20%, you will get two chests each with two pieces of loot for your group when the run is complete. The group's Keystone holder will also have their keystone upgraded by two levels, instead of just one, because you're so awesome. If you beat the timer by 40%, your group will get three chests each with two pieces of loot, and the group's Keystone holder will get a three-level Keystone upgrade. Example: if you beat a 45 minute Mythic Level 2 in 27 minutes or less (40% faster), your group will receive six pieces of loot and the Keystone holder will jump to a Mythic Level 5 Keystone at the end of that dungeon!

    Why would I run Mythic+ if the group only has two pieces of loot? The odds are bad for me...

    Every Tuesday, a chest in your Order Hall will award you a guaranteed piece of loot based on your best completed run from the previous week. Not the best run that beat the timer, just the best run that cleared the dungeon with an active Mythic+ keystone. So, if you were in a group that successfully completed a Mythic Level 5 dungeon, you will still get an ilvl 865 item the following week regardless of whether or not you beat the timer. BONUS: This chest will also give you a random Mythic+ Keystone that's two levels lower than your best completed run from the previous week, or a Keystone Level 2, whichever is higher.

    • Mythic Level 2 or 3 gives 845 from the dungeon chest(s), and 860 from your Order Hall on Tuesday
    • Mythic Level 4 or 5 gives 850 from the dungeon chest(s), and 865 from your Order Hall on Tuesday
    • Mythic Level 6 or 7 gives 855 from the dungeon chest(s), and 870 from your Order Hall on Tuesday
    • Mythic Level 8 or 9 gives 860 from the dungeon chest(s), and 875 from your Order Hall on Tuesday
    • Mythic Level 10 gives 865 from the dungeon chest(s), and 880 from your Order Hall on Tuesday
    • Mythic Level 11 or 12 give 870 from the dungeon chest, and 880 or 885 from your Order Hall on Tuesday
    • Mythic Level 13 gives 875 from the dungeon chest, and 890 from your Order Hall on Tuesday
    • Mythic Level 14 gives 880 from the dungeon chest, and 895 from your Order Hall on Tuesday
    • Mythic Level 15 gives 885 from the dungeon chest, and 900 from your Order Hall on Tuesday

    The Order Hall chest is guaranteed to Warforge or Titanforge.

    Does everyone get a Keystone upgrade at the end of a run?

    No, just the person who started the Mythic+ will receive upgraded keystones. However, your group can cycle through different dungeons (all of you will have a Keystone). Provided you continue to beat the timer(s) of these various dungeons, you'll create an infinitely long chain of loot.

    Wait, does this mean there's no lockout for Mythic+?

    Yep! Running Mythic+ does not lock you out of that dungeon. Everyone will have a keystone, and your group can keep doing Mythic+ dungeons for as long as you have active Keystones. If you fail, you'll have to suffer through a loot-free timed recharge run, but not even that will lock you out.

    How high to Mythic+ keystones go?

    Infinitely high, but the rewards stop getting better at Mythic Level 10. There is a realm first achievement for Mythic Level 15, though. A successful Mythic+15 also awards a special Artifact Weapon appearance.

    You noted that higher Mythic Levels get harder. How, exactly?

    • Mythic Level 2: +9% health and damage for all enemies
    • Mythic Level 3: +17% health and damage for all enemies
    • Mythic Level 4: +26% health and damage for all enemies
    • Mythic Level 5: +36% health and damage for all enemies
    • Mythic Level 6: +45% health and damage for all enemies
    • Mythic Level 7: +59% health and damage for all enemies
    • Mythic Level 8: +71% health and damage for all enemies
    • Mythic Level 9: +85% health and damage for all enemies
    • Mythic Level 10: +100% health and damage for all enemies

    But wait, there's more! At Mythic Level 4, 7 and 10, your Keystone will also trigger "affixes" that add abilities to bosses and/or trash. These affixes can compound, e.g. a Mythic Level 10 keystone will also bring with it the affixes from Level 4 and Level 7. The active affixes will be printed on the Keystone's tooltip, and their actual effect(s) will be described when you insert the Keystone into the vessel at the start of the dungeon. You don't need to start the Mythic+ to learn the effect, just insert the Keystone into the vessel.

    The affixes are:

    • Bolstering: enemies that die buff other enemies within 45y by +20% health/damage. Bolstered MOBs cannot be CCed, except for stuns.
    • Necrotic: Melee attacks apply a stacking 3% reduction to heals and absorb. 10 second timer, refreshed on a new hit.
    • Overflowing: Overhealing a target places a debuff on your ally called "Overflow." Overflow is an absorb that's 3x larger than the amount you overhealed. Players will still take damage with Overflow, but your heals will not actually heal the target until you heal through the amount of Overflow on your ally.
    • Raging: Enemies deal 100% additional damage starting at 30% health until they are defeated.
    • Sanguine: Leaves a pool of bad at the foot of defeated enemies. It heals enemies +5% for every second they stand in it, and does 15% damage per second for players who stand in it.
    • Skittish: MOBs don't respect the regular rules of aggro. Tanks will really only keep threat on the target they're actively targeting. Watch your AOE.
    • Teeming: extra mobs in trash packs!
    • Volcanic: Volcanic plumes will spawn under ranged players, dealing 50% damage after 2 seconds to that player and anyone within 2y.
    • Fortified: Only for Mythic Level 10+, all trash MOBs have 30% more health and damage. ON TOP of your Keystone's boost.
    • Tyrannical: Only for Mythic Level 10+, all bosses have 30% more health and damage. ON TOP of your Keystone's boost.

    Some of these affixes are blacklisted from appearing together, lest a dungeon be literally unwinnable.

    Can you replace someone in the run?

    No. If someone leaves, crashes, goes LD, or whatever else might happen, you're now at a 4-man.

    Do Keystones expire?

    Yes, they're cleared from your inventory at the end of the week. You get a new one from your Order Hall at the start of next week: a random Mythic+ Keystone that's two levels lower than your best completed run from the previous week, or a Keystone Level 2, whichever is higher.

    Is my Order Hall chest based on my personal best Keystone?

    No, it is based on the best run you were a member of, regardless of whether or not that keystone was yours.

    How will I know I'm in a group with a depleted Keystone?

    There's an icon next to the timer that designates "no loot."

  • Kosumoth the Hungerer: An Incredible Easter Egg

    Via Reddit:

    Hey everyone, thought I'd let you know how Kosumoth came to be spawned because it was a pretty cool thing. It started as people [on Wowhead] searching for how to get the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph.

    It was discovered that there are extremely hidden caves throughout Broken Shores with dark orbs in them. To give you an idea of how hidden these caves were one is in a broken ship in the middle of the ocean south of Eye of Azshara, through a crack, and then hidden behind kelp, basically three layers of secret you have to find. Another is a hidden cave that has another hidden cave near the entrance that actually has the orb.

    It was then noticed that Drak'thul, the hermit orc on Broken Shores, has one of these orbs next to him. A commenter on Wowhead discovered that if you do an easter egg with Drak'thul (where you find a relic hidden in a cave nearby and give it to him and he speaks old god) it allows you to click on those hidden orbs, which are called Hungering Orbs.

    Luckily next to Drak'thul is a table and on that table is a mix of pebbles and an orb which helped find them all. It was discovered this is actually a makeshift map of the Broken Isles and that the pebbles mark the different places where the orbs are found (with Drak'thul's orb as Suramar and Broken Shores as a fel candle). Here's a pic of the world map with these clues superimposed: http://imgur.com/sK51hnb

    Through trial and error we discovered that the orbs had to be clicked in a very certain order. We collectively as a group went over them and eventually hitting the last one spawned Kosumoth.

    Credit to all the amazing work people put into this in the Wowhead comments.

    And here's the post with all the orb images and locations. Here's the guy who found the first orb.

    And here's a better-formatted WoWHead post from the Reddit OP, with full screenshots and item links. Some of these orbs are hidden in plain sight, while others are mind-bendingly obscure.

    And the real magic: you have to complete this ritual yourself to get loot from him. That's right! Visit Drak'thul, then the orbs in the specified order, and you'll get a special world quest to go kill Kosumoth.

    The craziest thing of all: all of this happened because this guy theorized that the patterns of orbs and stones on the desk next to Drak'thul were not random. He overlaid them on the world map of Broken Isles, and he was right.

    Drak'thul is found on a little hermit hut on the Broken Shore, the southern tip of the island that contains the Tomb of Sargeras. That was his location in Warcraft 3. And he's still there today, 14 years later in WoW.

  • 1TB SSD, $199

  • Re: New WoW expansion to be announced at Gamescom

    So, we're about 48 hours away from this announcement. What do you want to see from the next expansion? I have some ideas:

    1. Blizzard should change the internal data structures of their content (e.g. encryption), which would render it impossible to datamine. We've spoilered ourselves out of WoW's mystique by knowing everything before we experience it personally.
    2. More randomness in loot tables. Blizzard was on the right path with escalating iLvls, bonus attributes, warforging, etc. I would like to see this expanded and combined with much wider loot tables that reward kooky or class-specific items. Why does every weapon need to have the same speed on it?
    3. Mythic dungeons on day one. I want to be able to progress to ~heroic raiding ilvls through 5-man content of escalating difficulty (norm->hero->mythic).
    4. Give me flying before I've finished leveling, and tune your late leveling zones around an aerial experience. Icecrown!
    5. Neutral capital city, incorporating Aldor/Scryer mechanism from Shattrath, or Horde/Alliance areas a la Dalaran.
    6. No more demons. No more fucking orcs. Stop it. Emerald Dream would be nice, and would round off nicely with some of WoW's earliest content (e.g. Green Dragon raids and Wailing Caverns).
    7. this might sound crazy, but... 10-man dungeons? One of the drawbacks of 5-man content is that Blizzard cannot rely on the correct combination of classes to mitigate certain more interesting mechanics. This could largely be solved by permitting 10 people to enter a dungeon.
    8. Lunarfall sinks into the fucking ocean, taking everyone's garrison with it.
    9. A new class would be nice. Hunter is the lone ranged physical DPS, for example. Could add a crowd control class (e.g. EverQuest Enchanter). Battlemage (Mage+War) is an unexplored hybrid concept. An EverQuest Bard-style hybrid would be amazing. Demon Hunter is another possibility, hybridizing Warrior or Rogue with Mage or Warlock. But I fear Demonhunter's flavor has already been consumed by Warlock or DK. An expansion on Monk melee healing could also be an incredibly fun playstyle that is largely unexplored.
    10. New races. Ogre, Drakonid, Furbolg, Arakkoa and Ethereal are all strong contenders with unique architecture and established lore suitable for expansion into a playable race.
    11. Seasonality and temporality. EverQuest was unique for its time in that the in-game time of day had a large influence on what mobs were available, sometimes turning harmless zones into extremely deadly zones. Take it a step further and add seasonality to WoW at a 4:1 ratio with real life, so certain things would spawn when it's the right season 4x a year.