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Alexandria, VA
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July 21, 1988
Alexandria, VA
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  • Re: Quick! Recommend me an SSD

    Samsung 850 Evo is quite nice.

    EDIT: fixed name. I personally use a Pro for the reason that @PirateNinja cited. I don't think you can get a 512GB under $200 from them though. $250 on Amazon

  • Re: This thread is for pictures of people who look like OTHER FORUMERS

    furry hulk?

  • Wine Tasting: part two?

    I really wanted to make a pun with Bordeaux, so now that that's out of the way. I'm looking for interest in another wine tasting event at EPIC this year. Last year was quite successful, given certain aromatic contributions of that closed space. Being at the house will also give us the opportunity for more food options. I do think we'd stick with disposable glasses since I doubt we have access to enough to use in that manner, especially if the number of people interested increased over last year. I'll also have tasting cards this time to help people remember what they enjoyed. I'm trying to gauge interest and any suggestions to keep it the same, make some changes, etc. Thanks for listening, Tushon out.

    *drops mic*

    1) spectrum tasting (lots of different styles)
    2) something more focused, like a couple verticals of particular styles)
    3) you're weird and we can't be friends
    4) it's an eve joke, I'm sorry
  • Re: What are you listening to?

    & the rest of the album that comes from.
  • Re: The "Gaming Backlog of Shame" competition

    To list all your games (you can then subtract whichever ones you want:
    (change Tushon to your name)
    -Save that file to your desktop or w/e
    -Open excel, (turn on developer tools in options), click on developer, import XML. Hit OK on the box
    -It will create a bunch of drop down boxes automatically, so you can filter out the ones who already qualify or self filter by deleting rows then copy and paste that column into your personal thread.

    Personally, I'm going to leave the whole list and strike out the ones that already qualify.

    EDIT: make you you actually have created a custom URL before trying my method:

    You need to set your steam page to a custom url. Do this by going to your steam community profile (community.steampowered.com or via steam). On the right click "Edit my Profile". In the second category down, the Custom URL, type in the name you want to link your profile to. This will make accessing your profile easier for you, other people, and linking to it. You will notice, if you have not manually set your steam profile url, that the address is long and random looking.

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