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  • Re: This game looks interesting

    This game's been on my radar for a few weeks now and it looks pretty neat (NSFW - gore)

    Carrion is a new game being made by the studio that did Butcher. It's a reverse-horror game where you play as a terrifying monster in what feels like a late 80's sci-fi horror film. You move around the levels, solve puzzles, gain powerups, grow in size, and kill terrified humans in the most creepy and horrible ways possible.

    There's very little info on the game currently available outside of this pre-alpha demo video, but what's in there is pretty darn interesting and looks like it could be a very uniquely fun game, in a creepy, gross-out kind of way.

  • Re: Out with a whimper, not a bang

    Figured now's the time to re-share some of my many saved memories from that server.

    People swearing. (oldest one I've got on my YouTube, 2008)

    Prime goes spy and spawn camps me

    @BobbyDigi plays analog music from a legit record player via line-in directly to his mic port.

    @primesuspect starts a legendary tradition when he puts MOM ON MIC.

    Syamagoose looses it when I put my mouse sensitivity to high and spin like crazy.

    @DontCallMeKelso puts Mom on Mic. Brian asks her a VERY important question.

    I've got a bunch more that need to be edited, I've got clips that go back a decade saved on my PC.

  • Re: 11th Annual Icrontic St Paddy's & Marche du Nain Rouge

    Nain Rouge was pretty dope TBH

    Heading home. Thanks everyone, miss you already and I had a blast!

  • Re: Salty Bet: the most incredible, pointless, awesome thing.

    Alright fools. Time for a 4 year necro. Salty Bet is back.

    Tonight, @RyanFodder @GnomeQueen @DontCallMeKelso and I cracked some booze and wiped the dust off of salty bet and we had an effing blast. Time to do it big.

    This Friday, March 9th at 7:30PM PDT (10:30PM EST), let's do this thing. Log in to saltybet.com, buy plenty of booze, and get ready to burn away all of your money and head to the salt mines. We're doing this live on Discord. Join us, I promise it'll be a blast.

    You thought salty bet died? No u. U died. Salty bet lives and it still rules and we still have whatever money was left after we quit playing 4 years ago. Get on discord and fite me in bets.

  • Re: 11th Annual Icrontic St Paddy's & Marche du Nain Rouge

    o rite, I'm in. Dates coming later, but I'll definitely head back home Monday (Tried the Sunday thing before, it's no bueno).


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