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  • Re: Overwatch

    I've kind of pumped the brakes on Overwatch after the last seasonal event, mainly because I had played WAY too much and wasn't super happy about the balance. Haven't played since Orissa was added, either.

    Gonna try and get some matches in later this week and work my rust off. I need that new Mercy skin.

  • Re: Got engaged

    @DontCallMeKelso just now on Discord:

    "I guess I'll need to get to Sam Adams and stock up on special beers for the wedding"
    Me- "Have you seen @linc's cellar of Sam? He's been preparing for this moment for his entire life."

    Huge congrats you two. This is awesome.

  • Re: Do you like bananas?

    @drasnor I need a video clip of Elon shouting BEEEYYYYYEETTTTCCHHHH!

  • Re: Nintendo Switch (formerly codenamed NX) and mobile gaming

    Price is going to be key with their online service. I'm not convinced Nintendo knows how to give a solid value proposition with their online services, and nothing they've revealed about it thus far convinces me it'll be worth it.

    The Voice Chat App as a smart device application totally sucks. Unless it gives you the ability to converse with others in your party (and not just directly added friends/contacts), then it's going to be an absolute PITA to use. Sounds like it will allow you to do this from the brief description, so hopefully that is at least a thing. Using a smartphone for this is garbage no matter how you shake it, though. How do you handle the 2 different sound sources? Between game sound (coming from the TV?) and voice sound (coming from earbuds?), how do you find that balance? Also what is the battery draw going to be like on my device? Does the screen have to remain on to use the app?

    I find the monthly "free" game to be a total joke. You get one NES or SNES game, that's literally just an emulated ROM that you've probably bought 2 or 3 times before already since none of Nintendo's live service ecosytems share your account's contents for whatever god forsaken reason, and then you give it back at the end of the month? What's the point? Nintendo has objectively the greatest collection of classic titles under their belt, why not make a killer on-demand service with those games?

    On top of all of that, they killed of Miiverse, which as silly as it was on Wii-U, was one of the genuinely interesting platforms that Nintendo has done. It's one of the best online service examples they've had to date, and they're killing it off when it could be an additional value add to this paid service? So bizarre.

    You gotta create value for users to subscribe to a live service. These kind of benefits (or lack thereof) do not convince me that the subscription will be worth it. I'm really glad they're giving the free trial period for users to test the waters, though it sucks that once the voice app is available, you'll only have a couple months with it. Lineup of online-enabled games will also be quite thin during that trial period, with Splatoon being one of the most important MP games that might actually miss the trial window.

  • RIP Half-Life - an account from Valve

    This is a brutal, difficult read, but its also nothing we didn't already know deep down. Game Informer gets an interview with a presumably ex-Valve dev, and gets real talk on what's going on with Half-Life within the company. Worth the read, even if speculative.


    It's 2017. Orange Box and Half-LIfe 2 Episode 2 came out a decade ago. Half-Life 2 is 13 years old. Thirteen! Valve isn't a game developer anymore, and honestly, it's not surprising. The world has changed, the industry has changed, and why would they make a singleplayer FPS experience in 2017?

    I gave up on Half-Life 3 many years ago. It is still one of my favorite franchises in gaming, and I'd still give just about anything to have the cliffhanger of a story hit a proper conclusion, but no matter how you shake it, this is the reality. Tonight I re-read 10 years worth of Half-Life related posts on Icrontic, all full of hopeful speculation and "it'll be announced soon I just know it!" kind of optimism, but man. When Beyond Good and Evil 2 has a better chance of being released than your game, you know things are rough.

    I'm not sure if it's the Valve corporate culture, the modern gaming industry, both, or something else that killed off this franchise, but it is disappointing. There is a small chance that this source is truly unverified and everything in this article is false, but at this point I have my doubts. It's been too long, and Valve has changed too much.

    And honestly? With how FPS games are these days, this is probably for the best. I can't imagine a world where I wouldn't be disappointed by Half-Life 3 at this point.